Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th September 2023 Written Episode Update : Happu Singh beats up Vibhuti


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David asks Vibhu why is he so upset and drinking so much. Vibhu says you know my situation. Anu calls Vibhu. Vibhu starts sweet talking to her. Anu says my divorce lawyer will talk to you now. Vibhu says I am very loyal to you, I don’t know who this lady is, she is forcing herself on me and if I find the person who has trapped me I won’t spare him. Anu says you are a liar. Vibhu says I swear on my mother, I am not lying. Anu disconnects the call. Vibhu gets disheartened and curses the man who has sent Reshma. David says don’t be so harsh, everyone makes a mistake and who knows the man who called her must have his own problems.

Vibhu on call in the balcony, sees Angoori and greets her. Angoori ignores him. Vibhu asks her what is wrong and asks her not to stop talking to him. Angoori ignores him. Vibhu says I will jump down if you don’t talk to me. Angoori sees Saxena and says tell people around that she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Saxena asks Vibhu to not trouble Angoori. Vibhu says I have something important to talk about. Angoori ignores him. Vibhu begs her to talk to him.

Reshma and Tiwari visit Happu Singh in the police station. Reshma shares her stories and problems with Happu. Happy asks her for her passport. Reshma says she doesn’t have any, she sneaked in. Manohar gets emotional and says her love is pure, she risked her life for her love. Reshma shows all the chats to Happu Singh. Happu says he has enough proofs to arrest Vibhu.

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Vibhu crying in his house and says Bhabhiji is ignoring me, I can’t handle this. David says you are not at fault, you are just trapped. Vibhu abuses the culprit. David says don’t abuse him so much. Vibhu says why do you side him. Happu walks in. David asks why are you here. Happu says you are under arrest because you are a traitor, you have called a spy from the neighbouring country. Vibhu says this is not the truth. Happu says give me appropriate bribe I will settle the case. Vibhu says never. Happu says in that case you are under arrest.

Reshma plays duffli for Tiwari’s. Tiwari says you are so good, how did you fell for this loser. Reshma says please don’t say all this and I have trust in my love and if in case I don’t get my love, I will kill myself here and we will be the next Romeo Juliet.

Happu beats up Vibhu in the police station and asks him to reveal his connections with the neighbouring country and calls him a traitor. Vibhu says I am unemployed but not a traitor. I don’t know why is she here, I don’t know her. Vibhu begs Happu to not frame him in the wrong case. Happu says I am not framing you, I have proof against you. Vibhu still denies it. Happu says its time for 4th degree and calls a shayar who makes you commit crimes to get rid of this man. Vibhu says I can stand anything, I don’t care.
Happu tells how he met the shayar and couldn’t stand him and his depressing poems.

Pre cap: Reshma tells she has 7 kids from past relationships.
Shayar tortures Vibhu with his weird poems.