Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Tiwari incites Reshma to stay at his place.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Tiwari tells Angoori about Reshma at Mishra house. Angoori laughs and says what a joke. Tiwari says I am not joking, I saw a foreigner go to their house. Angoori says I don’t believe this, Vibhu is scared of Anu, so much that he doesn’t talk to female animals, I would believe this about Gupta, Prem but never about Vibhu, I would even doubt you once but not Vibhu.

David scolds Reshma that she has no right to cross borders. Vibhu says she is in the wrong place, he doesn’t know her. Reshma says I am at the right place, you are my love. Vibhu says I am not interested in you and I don’t know you. Reshma shows him their messages. Vibhu asks David to say something.

Tiwari takes Angoori to the balcony and asks her to call Vibhu. Angoori calls Vibhu outside. Vibhu asks if everything is fine. Angoori sees Reshma. Vibhu asks her to leave. Reshma says where will I go this late. Vibhu says I don’t care. Reshma says I have taken you as my lover I am never leaving you. Vibhu says I don’t know you. Tiwari says then why is she behind you. Angoori asks Reshma why is she behind Vibhu. Reshma says Vibhu is lying, he is scared of society and so isn’t accepting me. David starts crying and says she reminds me of someone. Vibhu asks who. David thinks Reshma I am so sorry, I didn’t kbow you are old like me and faking the profile.

Angoori scolds Vibhu and calls him fake. Vibhu tells her, she is from a neighbouring country and he knows nothing about her. Reshma says he said he would marry me, I have chats as proof. Vibhu says I don’t know her why will I make promises. Tiwari calls Vibhu a liar and his whole family a cheater. Angoori says enough, think about what to do of this woman. Vibhu says send her away. Reshma says where will I go, so late. Tiwari says she will stay at our place. Angoori says yes, until we find a solution she will stay at our house. Reshma thanks Angoori and Tiwari and leaves.

Tillu drunk and down with 10 pegs. Tiwari walks to him and asks why is he drinking alone, and asks where is Teeka. Tillu says covering some animals news, do you have any news to share. Tiwari says I have a breaking news for you.Tiwari tells him about Vibhu and Reshma.

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Reshma next day visits Mishra house. David opens the door and asks why is she here?
Reshma says I brought some tea for my love, david says Vibhu is upstairs. Reshma leaves. Teeka and Tillu follow her and cover everything. David confused and scared, he runs away.

Vibhu dreams that Angoori is here with tea for him. Vibhu realises its Reshma, when Teeka and Tillu walk in. Vibhu keeps saying he doesn’t know Reshma and has nothing to do with her, he thought it’s Anu. Reshma says you are my love, my husband. Vibhu says to her, look I beg you please leave me. Reshma feels bad and leaves.

Teeka and Tillu at Tiwari house, record an interview with Reshma. Reshma tells she is here to meet her love. Tiwari asks Teeka and Tillu to pause for a bit and says to Reshma, Vibhu has lot of love in him. Reshma says I just want Vibhu and no one else. Tiwari says do as I say and you will get your love. Tiwari shares a plan with Reshma. Angoori says to Tiwari, why is he doing this, this will hurt Anu.

Teeka and Tillu ask Reshma what is her occupation. Reshma says she runs a Chole kulche cart. Teeka asks when will she treat them. Angoori asks for her recipe and says I have heard our neighbouring country cooks very delicious Chole Kulche and I will teach her Jackfruit Kofte.
Reshma talks about how she met Vibhu on social media and fell for him right away and says she is very sure Vibhu loves her too. Teeka asks what if Vibhu and you were together now. Reshma says we would have had many small kids by now.

Pre cap:Happu asks Reshma for her passport.
Reshma tells her story to Happu and he arrests Vibhu and whacks him.
Reshma says she will do anything for Vibhu and if he doesn’t accept her, she will kill herself.