Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Vibhu Finds A Locket with Supernatural Powers


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Two guys are chasing a professor and they stab him. The professor screams in agony and then they throw him into a river. Vibhu is standing in his balcony and hears the noise and gets confused. Anu shows up at the balcony and asks him come inside with her for romance. Vibhu gets irritated and says that he doesn’t want to, and tells her that he heard distant screaming. Anu tells him to just stay with his friends and go bach inside the house. Vibhu follows her.

Angoori is talking to her friend buffalo. Tiwari shows and sits with her. Angoori hangs up the call. Angoori tells him that she’s talking with her friend buffalo. Tiwari calls her dumb. Angoori warns him not to call her dumb again. Tiwari gets angry and tells her not to take control over him like Anu does over Vibhu. Angoori gets upset and leaves the house.

Vibhu leaves the house with a flashlight.

Angoori also shows up outside and leaves her house too.

Vibhu is sitting beside a tree and saying that he will not obey Anu anymore and she can’t control his life. The same professor who got stabbed falls in Vibhu’s arms. Vibhu gets a piece of paper with an address written over it. Vibhu takes out a knife off his body and gets terrified. The professor asks Vibhu in his crippling voice to give his body to his 2nd wife. Vibhu agrees and asks him about the address he gave him. He asks him, what to do about this address? The same people who was after professor follows up and Vibhu leaves the professor and hides behind a tree. They starts asking professor about the formula he had. Vibhu listens to them.

The professor shows them a thumbs down and dies.

Anu and Tiwari are finding Vibhu and Angoori. Tiwari asks Anu if she tried to reach hospital, and what if Vibhu got hit a by vehicle or he might have also ate poison. Anu gets furious and tells him stop talking non sense. Tillu shows up grabs his stomach. Tiwari and Anu asks Tillu if he has seen Vibhu or Angoori. Tillu says that he didn’t saw anyone. Tillu tells them that ever since Prem opened a ration shop, everyone’s been struggling with diarrhoea. Tiwari says that Prem is a fraud person, and even yells at Tillu because he was wasting his time. Tillu leaves.

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Vibhu and Saxena are searching something inside a dark room. Saxena and Vibhu spots each other and gets scared. Saxena tells Vibhu that he’s looking for his pet snake “Mintu”. Vibhu gets scared. Saxena tells him not to worry because his snake is harmless and useless just like him. Vibhu starts slapping Saxena. Vibhu tells Saxena that he’s here to solve a riddle, and hands up the piece of paper he got from the professor. Saxena says that he’s at the right place now they just have look behind some picture.

Vibhu lights up a candle and they both proceeds to look as per the riddle.

Vibhu takes out a portrait of the professor and Saxena helps him to take it out. Vibhu flips the portrait and finds a necklace and a pendant sticked to it. Saxena says that professor might wanted to gift this necklace to him. Vibhu says that this locket might have some supernatural powers and Saxena makes fun of Vibhu. Vibhu slaps him. Vibhu wears the locket and he gets invisible. Saxena starts calling Vibhu. Vibhu says that he’s standing right in front of him. Saxena says that this might be the locket. Vibhu slaps Saxena. Saxena says that he can feel him but not see him. Vibhu takes off the locket and he gets visible again. Saxena gets shocked. Vibhu leaves with the locket.

Saxena finds a piece of paper and gets happy.

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