Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Saxena Exposes Chandani

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Chandni is brought inside Vibhu’s home. Chandni stumbles as she enters the space. According to Vibhu, she may have had several drinks. She begins to recite poems, to which Vibhu responds with his own poems. She thinks highly of him. Chadni approaches the bed. She makes a pass at Vibhu. When she sprains her ankle, Vibhu becomes alarmed and seeks assistance.

Everyone is present and having a great time. They are joined by Chandni. Anu queries Chandni about Vibhu’s whereabouts. Chandni thinks he had better come. Enter Vibhu, who joins them to sit. He is instructed to go get dinner by Anu. Vibhu becomes agitated.

In his kitchen, Vibhu is chopping veggies. Angoori appears and extends assistance. Vibhu disputes. Angoori is adamant on him. She is asked to sit with the others when Vibhu tells her that she is bothering him. Vibhu becomes agitated. When Chandni appears, Vibhu is overjoyed. When Vibhu asks, does she enjoy cooking? Chandni concurs. Angoori returns to the hallway. Vibhu and Chandni begin to flirt with one another. Following Vibhu’s kiss on Chandni, Saxena catches him. Saxena is informed by Vibhu that he was removing something from Chandni’s eyes. Saxena expresses doubt about that. Chandni and Vibhu exit the kitchen.

On his balcony, Vibhu is waiting for Chandni. Chandni approaches her balcony as well. When Vibhu phones, he asks if he should visit her home. A paper airplane bearing a message is thrown to Vibhu by Chandni. Vibhu and Chandni begin their flirtatious relationship with paper aircraft. Unintentionally, Chandni throws the paper airplane to Anu. When Anu awakens, she sees Vibhu. Anu reads the poetry while holding the paper airplane. Who dispatched this airplane, Anu wonders? Vibhu declares that he is unsure. Anu becomes confused as Vibhu goes to sleep.

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Watering her plants is Angoori’s task. When Chandni appears, he compliments her poetry. She’s also a wonderful poet, Angoori assures her. When Angoori starts to read her poetry, Vibhu appears and cuts her off. Angoori is ignored as Vibhu and Chandni begin conversing with one another. After becoming agitated, Angoori retreats inside her home.

In the morning, Anu has a drink of coconut water. Tiwari appears and follows her. Anu informs Tiwari of his tardiness. Tiwari reports that he had a restless night. Why, Anu wonders? According to Tiwari, he was working on some company. Anu queries whether he was flinging poetry on paper inside her bedroom. Tiwari becomes perplexed. To Tiwari, Anu explains everything. According to Tiwari, Vibhu may have been the culprit. Anu becomes perplexed. According to Tiwari, Vibhu may have written it for Chandni, her neighbor, as he has been spending too much time following her. Anu becomes anxious.

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