Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th November 2023 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti troubles Tiwari


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Vibhu doing prank with Tiwari acting as one of his relative and irritating him over call. Tiwari get’s irritated and hungs up. Vibhu says this is starting.

David asks Tiwari to continue with his Gazal and everyone reminds him the phrase. Tiwari’s phone start ringing again. Ammaji asks him to switch off the phone. Tiwari says there could be important client calling me and picks up. Vibhu on the other side says hello Bhandari speaking. Tiwari starts screaming and hungs up. Anu asks what are you doing. Teeka and Tillu makes fun of him. Tiwari get’s irritated and walks away. David says now let me sing a Gazal. He start singing and everyone walks out.

Angoori in bedroom give flying kiss to Tiwari and wish his happy birthday. Tiwari says how many times will you wish me. Angoori and Tiwari start talking to eachother and they get romantic with eachother. Tiwari’s phone start ringing. Vibhu on the other hand says Bhandari speaking. Tiwari says I can’t recognise you and asks Angoori if she knows someone named Bhandari. Angoori says no. Tiwari says please tell me something more about you and our relation. Vibhu says I’m son of your Mosaji named Dhurraji who lives in Dhurra Prem Nagar. Tiwari asks Angoori to talk to Ammaji about his relative. Angoori walks away to talk to Ammaji and asks her about the relative Dhurri deviji who lives in Dhurra Prem Nagar. Ammaji says I don’t remember them, I’ll tell you if I remember something. Vibhu talks him about Angoori. Tiwari get’s angry. Angoori says I talked to Ammaji she doesn’t remember any relative named Dhurri Devi. Tiwari says I don’t remember you at all. Vibhu makes new story to irritate and waste his time. He talks about Kanchan Buaji. Tiwari asks Angoori to get information about Kanchan Bua. Angoori calls her and asks  about Kanchan Buaji. Ammaji says I don’t remember will ask Pandit Ramphal and will let you know. Ammaji on other phone asks Pandit Ramphal about Kanchan. He says I don’t know her. Ammaji informs Angoori about Kanchan. Angoori inform same to Tiwari. Tiwari says I took all the information about my relatives and I don’t know you. Vibhu says I’ll complaint about you to Imarti Chachi. Tiwari disconnects the call.

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Vibhu visits Angoori and greets her. Angoori asks him why didn’t he join them for Tiwari’s celebration. Vibhu says I was busy taking revenge from a person who has trapped a beauty. Angoori asks who. Vibhu says forget it where is Tiwari. Tiwari walks to them and asks why do you want to meet me. Vibhu asks how was your birthday. Tiwari says it was fun but where were you, may be you didn’t have money to give me a gift. Vibhu secretly gives Tiwari missed call and Tiwari panics. Vibhu and Angoori ask him what is wrong.

Teeka Tillu join them. Angoori greets them and asks how come you two so fresh and humble today. Teeka says we are taught by someone to be humble and kind. Vibhu gives another missed call. Tiwari panics and leaves.

At police station, Manohar on call. Happu walks to him and kisses his forehead and says very nice to hear you taking care of your wife and want to visit Lal Killa with her. Manohar says to him, I want to but there is no time. Happu says what is use of such job if you can’t spend time with your loved ones look here tickets to cruise I am taking my wife with me. Manohar says great but definitely someone must have sponsored you and look heres your leave application, comissioner tore it as he is going on vacation.

Comissioner walks in and asks them whats cooking. Happu asks him why are you speaking in English. Commissioner says I am going to London and so taking classes. Happu says can you postpone it by a month as I promised my wife a cruise vacation. Commissioner says I am not Manohar to adjust with your plans.

Manohar starts crying. Commissioner to calm him says he can go on a vacation after him and Happu will adjust.

Happu loses his calms and abuses commissioner. Commissioner gets angry.

Happu is suggested to take Anita’s anger management class and he agrees.

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