Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Vibhu irritates Tiwari as his fake relative


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Vibhu in market scolding someone on phone. Teeka and Tillu walks to him greet him. Teeka asks him about the time and both of them make fun of Vibhu. Vibhu slaps them multiple time. Tiwari, Prem and Gupta intervene and stops Vibhu. Tiwari asks Vibhu why are you beating them. Tillu and Teska says we just asked him time, he is out of mind. Vibhu says they are out of there mind. Gupta says why did you beat them they just asked about time. Vibhu says they were teasing me, they are are wearing watch and still asking me about time. Tiwari says what is this condition. Gupta says this is sign of dipression. Tiwari says mocks Vibhu for being unemployed. Vibhu gives him a look and walks away.

Angoori chopping vegetables. Vibhu walks to her and greet her. Angoori asks how are you. Vibhu share his pain for being unemployed and says everyone make fun of me. Angoori says they are right you don’t work at all you are unemployed there is no benifit of being unemployed one day everyone will stop talking to you even Anita too. Vibhu asks her will you also stop talking to me. Angoori says yes I don’t like unemployed people and asks him to leave. Vibhu gets sad taunts her in a poem and walks away. Angoori says I wish he start working.

Anu brings tea for David. David thanks her and says it’s very cold but not the way it use to be during our time, right now it feels more like pollution. Anu says you are right but in Kullu or Shimla you will find cold without pollution. Anu says but Vibhu don’t have money asks him to work. Anu gets a message and says give me blessings. David says what I’m going to be grandfather. Anu says no I got diploma in anger management. David congratulates her. Anu says now I’ll take anger management classes too. David says my blessings are with you and wish her luck. Tiwari walks in and greet Anu. David asks him why are you here. Tiwari says I’m here to invite you all for birthday party. David gets excited and asks him about the drink. Tiwari says don’t worry and asks Anu to bring Vibhu with them.

Prem on call scolding someone for coming and working on his shop to repay his loan. Vibhu walks to him and asks what is going on. Prem says please leave I’m already tensed. Prem explains his condition and aks him to leave. Vibhu says I’ll leave but you don’t care at all about your friend. Prem and Vibhu start arguing how they help eachother. Prem says please leave I’m already looking for someone to work on my shop. Vibhu asks how much will you pay. Prem says 5000rs. Vibhu says if you will pay 10,000rs then I can sit here. Prem agrees.

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Rusa, Teeka and Tillu goes to Babaji. Rusa says to him Teeka and Tillu have a problem. Babaji says please tell me about your problems. Teeka and Tillu says no girl wants to be our friend, they always run away. Baba says I’ll tell you a remedy do it and everything will be fine, you are away from society because of your behaviour you have very bad reputation once that becomes good everything will go fine, for that you have to behave with respect to everyone dispute how they react. Teeka and tillu says we will do it and start greeting him. Baba asks them to walk away. They still greets him and walks out.

Everyone at Tiwari’s house for his birthday celebration. Everyone celebrating his birthday. Tiwari blows the candle. Tiwari cuts the cuke but Teeka jumps in between and eat it. Tiwari slaps him. Angoori says you gave cake to Teeka but not your wife. Tiwari apologise and give cake to her. Angoori wish him happy birthday.

Everyone eating cake. Tiwari asks Anu where is Vibhu. Anu says he must be busy somewhere. Tiwari taunts and says this is time to have branded alcohol and eat good food. Anu says let him live and says I’ll tell everyone a secret about Tiwari, few days back he was singing a gazal and I wish he should sing the whole gazal for us, everyone gets excited and asks him to sing Gazal. Tiwari says I’m feeling shy to sing infront of everyone.

Vibhu at shop plans to irritate Tiwari.

Tiwari start singing Gazal, he gets a call. Vibhu on the other side change his voice and wish him happy birthday. Tiwari thanks him and asks who is speaking. Vibhu says I’m Bhandari and makes a fake story to confuse him. Tiwari says I don’t remember anything and hung up. Tiwari continues with his Gazal. Vibhu calls him back and acts as Tiwari’s aunt. Tiwari get’s confused and asks which Aunt. Vibhu on the other side start scolding him and asks him to hung up. Tiwari get’s irritated and shouts during the call. Everyone gets alert.

Precap: Vibhu acting as Tiwari’s relative says to him over phone call you should not forget your poor relatives. Tiwari says I asked about all the names you took and they are not my relatives.

Vibhu says to Angoori and Tiwari everyone must be drinking branded alcohol. Tiwari get’s scared when his phone start ringing.

Happu says I gets angry on small things. A man says if you have anger issues then you can go to Anita for anger management sessions. Happu gets excited.