Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th March 2023 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti becomes blogger

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Saxena vlogging about dustbin, Vibhu walks to him and says why is everyone vlogging now a days. Saxena says I am star vlogger ALS and I am famous in mad community, I have 10L subscribers and my videos are viral and earn 3L monthly.

Tiwari and Anu having coconut water, Anu asks Tiwari how is your business doing, Tiwari says whole Kanpur wears my brand and so my business is famous and says I am expert in this business. Anu asks do you do ads. Tiwari says yes atleast 4 times a year and you are a model too, so why don’t you model for us. Anu says you want me to advertise for lingerie. Tiwari says don’t be shy, I know we are very famous. Anu says I am sorry but your brand is very small, I have worked for star national brands, your ads are run on local channels, don’t insult me by giving such low offer. Tiwari thinks I better leave, Tiwari leaving, Anu stops him and says how dare you leave after insulting me. Tiwari asks her to help him with model. Anu refers her friend.

Angoori calls Ammaji, both missing eachother. Ammaji tells Angoori that coming month will be hard for Tiwari and her relationship. Angoori asks what does this mean, Ammaji says there is no solution but you have to be careful and take care of Tiwari. Angoori says sure. Ammaji says you have to make sure he doesn’t have any affair with someone else, so spy on him, appoint a agent. Saxena jumps in front of Angoori and vlogs saying this is how your paraglide without parachute. Angoori tells Ammaji she found a spy.

Angoori greets Saxena, Saxena tells Angoori about his vlogging. Angoori tells Saxena, she needs help, he has to spy on Tiwari and inform every detail to Angoori. Saxena says I always loved being a spy, I will spy for you.

Vibhu starts his vlogging channel – Vibhu entertainments, he talks about the 10th emotion.
Vibhu walks to David and asks what are you doing, and secretly records him. David complains about constipation. Vibhu leaves and tells his audience this is your 10th emotion. David walks to Vibhu and says what nonsense is this, and asks him to delete the recording.

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Everyone sees Vibhu’s video. At tea stall all laugh watching the video.

Angoori keeps calling Tiwari and his phone is busy and isn’t home yet. Tiwari returns talking to client about their new venture, Angoori mistakes the conversation for an affair.
Angoori asks Tiwari, who is it. Tiwari says Pramod Sharma. Angoori says what did she say. Tiwari says he is a man. Angoori finds hair on his shirt, Tiwari says its Tillu’s.
Angoori asks Tiwari where was he, what did take him so long, he is 5 min late. Tiwari says don’t dare you doubt me, you will never get a loyal husband like me.

Vibhu vlogging, he goes live on his channel and thanks his followers. Vibhu shows his bedroom, to his followers. Anu walks in and closes door, Vibhu keeps vlogging. Anu asks what are you doing, Vibhu says nothing and whispers and vlogs. Anu says cmon lets get romantic. Vibhu says I am already in good mood, I have 25000 followers and see my viral videos. Anu says enough of this drama, lets romance. Vibhu says can’t you see me working and earning. Anu gets upset and says get lost don’t talk to me. Vibhu says okay and goes out and goes live again and starts telling them about his and Anu’s fight.

Angoori waiting for Saxena, Saxena walks to her and greets her. Saxena gives every detail of Tiwari, how Tiwari leaves home, has pan on his way, gets upset on not adding elaichi in his pan and both get in argument
Angoori says enough tell me is he meeting any girl. Saxena says no he didn’t. Angoori says okay keep spying.

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