Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update : The Bad neighbours win the competition


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Anu apologise to Tiwari for last night. Tiwari says I know it wasn’t your plan. Anu says to him right it was Vibhu and Chachajis plan. Tiwari says these two always ruin your reputation, throw them away. Vibhu says shutup and stay your limits. David says to Tiwari, why are you jumping is she your sister. Tiwari says she is not my sister. Angoori says to Tiwari whats wrong if he calls Anu your sister.
Anu says okay enough, and asks Tiwari have you seen the bad neighbours news. Tiwari says yes. Anu says we have to get together and act that we are bad neighbours and earn money. Angoori says right we can act up but whats the plan. Anu shares plan.

Master doing Yoga, newspaper boy hits him with paper and asks him for his pending bill. Prem and Gupta start abusing Master. Gupta says to Prem, you are no different than Master, you just keep showing money but never help in need. Master gets angry and calls Gupta a fraud doctor. Teeka Tillu walk to them. Prem abuses them and all start fighting amongst eachother.
Saxena walks to them and says hit me instead and I will give you extra points.

Vibhu walks outside and calls Tiwari a thief. Tiwari walks out and asks whats your problem. Saxena sees them fighting. Vibhu insults Tiwari calling him a son with 2 fathers. Tiwari gets angry and starts shaking and falls down. Angoori rushes to Tiwari and says come help us looks like Tiwari has an heart attack. Vibhu says good, better he dies. Anu says yes Vibhu can’t help him, and why should we save him he is such a useless neighbour and so he better die. David says such a negative man, please die quickly. David faints. Anu says looks like he is dead. Vibhu says I am getting paralysis attack. Anu asks Angoori to help. Angoori says not at all and why should we help eachother lets better all die. Saxena appluads and says you have crossed all limits and it shows you are very seasoned bad neighbours and once you all feel better I will award you as the bad neighbours.

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Vibhu says I had mild attack I am fine. David says me too. Angoori wakes up Tiwari, Tiwari farts. Saxena congratulates them for getting better and says congratulations because you are selected as bad neighbours and tonight at Paradise we will party and get 1 Cr advance cheque and start the work and Saxena leaves.

Everyone together at the party. Saxena addresses them. David says let me take it over and says let me begin with introducing winners Vibhu and Anu and then the bad neighbours Tiwari and Angoori. Vibhu calls Tiwari loser and both start arguing again. David says fight later, lets open the champagne.

Vibhu addresses everyone as enemies and says we are selected as bad neighbours because we are filled with evilness. Tiwari continues saying negativity always kills positivity and similarly we will kill Vibhu. All start blaming and ill talking about each other. Anu says I would like to say something about Tiwari and starts insulting him and asks Angoori to give up on English and start becoming independent.

Angoori goes next and says to Anu, she atleast respecs her husband unlike Anu who treats Vibhu like a servant and calls Vibhu a useless unemployed man or else he will be Anu’s slave all life and learn something from Tiwari and earn money. Tiwari says thats not his cup of tea, he is unemployed and will always be. David asks where is Saxena go call him. Saxena walks in and says I had a word with the office and there is bad news, our OTT channel is shut and boss had an heart attack, I am jobless now and there is no project, I am very sorry but anyways lets enjoy the party as the dinner is already paid for.
Men walk to Saxena and whack him.

Pre cap
Tiwari gets possessed
Angoori tells everyone about Tiwari and a ghost named Jhadeshwar has possessed him. Anu recognises the name and says this guy studied with us and then committed suicide.
The ghost takes Anu on a date