Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Bad Neighbours to Win the competition


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Vibhu announces to everyone that he will generate electricity. Nobody believes it and dismisses it as “not your cup of tea.” Teeka inquires as to how we obtain electricity. Stop, Vibhu, I have a system that would generate electricity for the entire district, but I need to invest. Anu inquires as to the cost. According to Vibhu, it must be in the lakhs. Anu said as much as she could. According to Vibhu, we shall all pitch in. Why should we believe you, David asked. Vibhu tells them about his decision with Prof. to install Paritoshik Pichkari, and they trust him because he is an electrical expert.

Anu looks at the books and says I think Vibhu is telling the truth. But the money is still huge, Gupta said. David said that everyone should have some money. Vibhu says fine, forget it and pay your bill. Teeka and Tilu say they have 30,000 and are ready to help but they need insurance. Gupta dit que si Teeka Malkhan peut, he donated 1.5 lakhs. David, taxpayer Prem 1.5 lakhs. Vibhu says we need more numbers. Vibhu looks at Angoori and signs her to convince Tiwari. Angoori asks Tiwari to help. Anu said he was right, you will contribute. Tiwari says just because Bhabhiji asked I am ready to pay 25 lakhs.

David and Vibhu collaborate. David is Vibhu’s helper. Vibhu requests that he address him as Professor and explain how they would obtain electricity. David inquired as to what kind of work I should pursue. Vibhu recommends making paneer bhurji with three chapatis. David referred to the professor’s knife.
Anu visits Vibhu and becomes friends with Vibhum. Vibhu claims, “I am now a scientist, and I am working hard.” Okay, Anu said, I did some work. Vibhu says yes, please tell me. Anu devised a technique for me in which I lose this to you and you become passionate. According to Vibhu, many people have failed. Give me some time, Anu. Anu begins to sing in an attempt to catch Vibhu’s attention. Vibhu continues to work, but Anu becomes enraged and departs.

Tiwari reads the news the next morning and asks Angoori why she isn’t singing while watering the trees. Angoori reports that I am not feeling well today. Tiwari stated that the morning was peaceful. Angoori confirms that it is because Vibhu is not present. According to Tiwari, it is best not to focus on the fire engine. Tillu expresses gratitude to Tiwari. Tiwari counters. Teeka tells Tiwari to relax and inquires about the job status. According to Angoori, it will take time. David is passing through. Tiwari informs David that she spoke with Vibhu. You can’t ask David about his availability because he remarks how strong you are. Angoori tells Tiwari that he is her assistant and that she should ask him. Tiwari responds, “OK, I’ll be cautious.”

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Tiwari responds, “OK, I’ll be cautious.” Teeka inquires about the incident. David asked how he could finish in one day, “the poor man works all night,” and offered to bring him tea and paper.

For 18 days, Vibhu works alone on his machine. Angoori pays him a visit and inquires about his work. Vibhu responds, “I have a ready base, and you are a powerhouse,” and he displays how he is feeling right now. Angoori claims that I had no idea I had so much power. Vibhu inquires, “What did you bring me?” Angoori stated, “I have our badam halwa, eat first, then I will eat.” Vibhu requests that you teach me. Angoori says I’ll do it. Vibhu suggests to feed yourself first, then start feeding him. David yells at Vibhu, “I am chachaji!” Vibhu says bhabhiji has arrived. Stop daydreaming, David urged; we have people who have invested thousands of dollars, so be focused.

David inquires of Anu as to what she believes Vibhu will receive. What do you think, Anu? David claims, “I’m not sure about electricity, but it will shock them.” Everyone who comes to Anu and David tells them that they have put a lot of money into this project, and the heat and lack of electricity are making it uncomfortable. Tiwari stated that all we want is for Vibhu to succeed, and that he will always take his efforts seriously. According to Anu, this process takes time.
Vibhu emerged from his laboratory. Everyone was overjoyed to see him.

PreCap: Anu explains her plan to Vibhu and Tiwari. David agrees with Anu. Vibhu and Tiwari are standing outside their house, yelling and disrespecting each other. Tiwari tells Vibhu that he will shoot him. Saxena congratulates them and says that he have selected them as bad neighbours. Everyone starts celebrating.