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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Tiwari and Vibhuti’s ideas



Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Tiwari calling Angoori. Angoori walks and asks what happen. Tiwari says come fast something happen. Angoori walks to him and asks what happen. Tiwari says Vibhu is cleaning our porch area by considering it as a temple. Angoori asks whay? Tiwari says so that he can impress Saxena. Angoori says so why don’t you go and clean there porch. Tiwari says he wants to prove infront of Saxena that he ia a good neighbour so that he can win the price money. Angoori asks what we should de. Tiwari says make tea and best coffee for Anu with less milk and sugar along with halva so that we can give them to eat.

Vibhu cleaning. Saxena looks at him and says I have a question what will you do if I throw lots of garbage here. Vibhu says I’ll do nothing, I’ll clean it again. Saxena says what if I do it again. Vibhu says if you feel happy after doing this I’ll clean it again because I love my neighbours and can do anything. Saxena says I feel happy when someone hit me. Vibhu says that I cannot do violence because that’s against my principles. Saxena praises Vibhu. Tiwari walks in and says that’s the speciality of our Vibhu. Vibhu and Tiwari start praising eachother. Tiwari says please have tea. Vibhu says I already had tea. Tiwari insists him to have tea along with biscuits. Vibhu and Tiwari start arguing infront of Saxena. Tiwari says I made coffee for Anu will give het and will be back. Tiwari slips because of wet floor but Vibhu save him and coffee. Saxena in shock after seeing them close. Tiwari takes to vup and leave.

Tiwari in bedroom and calls Anu. Anu sleeping she wakes up and start praising Tiwari for his efforts and says I love you. Tiwari says I love you too multiple times and realises it’s just a dream. Ani wakes up and shouts at him says what are you doing in my bedroom. Tiwari says I brought coffee for you. Anu asks where is Vibhu. Tiwari says he is cleaning our porch. Anu asks why is he doing that. Tiwari says he felt like cleaning it and it was his wish so I didn’t said no to him. Saxena hanging at balcony to check the behaviour. Anu thinks Vibhu played his move to be good neighbour and sees Saxena in balcony. Tiwari aaks what are you thinking Anu. Anu says nothing and thanks him for bringing coffee for her. Tiwari asks her to taste it. Anu says it’s good even Vibhu can’t make like this coffee and praises Tiwari for being her neighbour. Tiwari also praises Anu for her presence. Saxena says to himself I have never seen this kind of connection between neighbours I’ll give them good numbers and he falls down.

Vibhu says I never washed my porch the way I’m washing Angoori’s because of the contest. Vibhu streching. Angoori walks to Vibhu and praises him for his work. Vibhu asks her to sing a song. Vibhu and Angoori dancing and singing together. Angoori walks to Vibhu and see him dancing alone, she calls him and asks why were you dancing. Vibhu says I was dancing in happiness because I cleaned your porche area. Angoori says you are very great person and give him halwa to eat. Vibhu flirts with her and says it’s prasad for me. Angoori says if you don’t mind can I feed you halwa with my hands. Vibhu says ofcourse. Saxena watching them.

Vibhu in market talking to a stranger says you are Rajesh Chapri who I called to beat a person. He says yes. Vibhu asks do you use weapons. Rajesh says that’s my lookout.

Tiwari with a goon says after seeing your face it looks like your girlfriend ran away. Goon says not girlfriend I got my wife back that’s why I’m sad. Tiwari says let’s talk about work.

Vibhu show’s Tiwari’s photo to goon and says when you will attack him I’ll come yo save him but remember to punch him hard so that he remembers his mother when he go to sleep.

Tiwari says when you will attack Vibhu then I’ll save him from you and hit you. Goon says your demands are increasing.
Vibhu pays his man 5000 rs for the work.

Anu visits Angoori, both call eachother BFFs and greet eachother. Anu says to Angoori, I felt that there is something missing in your life. Angoori says I have you, why will there be something missing. Anu says so sweet, I bought a saree for you, Angoori says its expensive I can’t accept. Anu starts wipping and says my mother has made it during the old times when we were poor and my mother loved sarees and so she sold kidney to buy sarees, so these sarees are special. Angoori starts crying and says oh God I will accept it its so emotional. Saxena keeping an eye on them gets happy.

Pre cap:
A goon attacks Tiwari, Vibhu saves him.
Angoori gifts Anu expensive bangles.

News reporter tells on news that OTT channel has changed their decision and now they will choose a bad neighbour.




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