Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti tells David to get Money for him.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Vibhu is sitting in his bedroom, remembering Angoori performing and getting sad. Anu comes in and tells Vibhu that she wants to do romance. Vibhu says that he doesn’t wants to. Anu tells Vibhu that he always makes excuses. Vibhu says that he’s upset. Anu asks Vibhu if his mother kicked him out of her property holdings? Vibhu says no and tells her that he’s upset because of something else. Anu gets angry and goes to sleep because Vibhu didn’t tell him the reason.

Tiwari is crying and Angoori is trying to console him. Tiwari says that he never even thought that he will see Angoori performing for somebody else. Ammaji also comes in and says that she also cannot help in that. Ammaji says that Aggarwal and Prem spends a lot on Angoori so they cant even tell them to leave. Angoori says that she will perform even better from tomorrow. Ammaji also starts crying and says that she’s better off dead. Tiwari says that’s good. Ammaji slaps Tiwari and Angoori warns him. Angoori also starts crying and says that she put all of her energy into her performance.

Angoori is preparing food and Vibhu goes up to her. Vibhu says that he cannot even comprehend the scenes he saw last night. Ammaji calls Angoori and comes inside kitchen. Vibhu hides from Ammaji. Ammaji asks Angoori that who was she talking to? Angoori says, no-one, she was practising her performance. Ammaji tells her to work hard and leaves. Vibhu comes back says that Ammaji and Tiwari has made her complete dancer. Angoori asks, what? Vibhu says that he is just saying that he’s seeing. Angoori says that she cannot understand him. Ammaji comes back and Vibhu hides again. Ammaji asks Angoori if Vibhu was here because she heard him? Angoori denies and Ammaji leaves. Vibhu again comes back and asks Angoori that what is she even doing? Angoori says that she always wanted to become a dancer. Vibhu gets disgusted and leaves.

Prem is waiting for Vibhu at the tea stall. Vibhu shows up and asks Prem for 10000rs. Prem tells Vibhu clear his old debt. Vibhu tells Prem that he has got a job, and someone needs 10000 rupees from him. Prem says that he doesn’t have anything for him. Vibhu request Prem for help. Prem gets on his scooter and leaves. Vibhu says that he was his last option. David shows up and sits with Vibhu. Vibhu asks David if he have 10000rs for him? David says that he doesn’t even have a rupee. Vibhu snatches David’s ring and asks him, what’s the price of this ring? David says that it’s fake gold and will go for 10rs. Vibhu tells David to sell their kitchen appliances to Tillu. David asks, really? Vibhu says, yes.

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Tiwari is sad and sitting in his garden. Saxena shows up and asks Tiwari that how is his business doing? Tiwari says that it’s going good. Saxena tells Tiwari a news in which a guy used make her wife dance on the streets for his own personal benefits, and when that news got to know to a psycho like him, that guy started dancing instead of his wife. Tiwari gets scared of Saxena.

Anu is dancing in her house. Tiwari comes in, turns off the radio and yells at Anu. Anu gets angry and asks Tiwari that why is doing this? Tiwari apologises to Anu. Anu asks Tiwari, what happened? Tiwari says that he’s just upset. Anu asks if he’s facing loss in his business? Tiwari says, no. Anu asks if Ramfal told him if he’s not his son? Tiwari says, no. Anu asks if Angoori is having an affair? Tiwari laughs and says that he can do that, but she will never do that. Anu gets angry and asks Tiwari what’s the reason? Tiwari gets scared. Anu asks Tiwari plenty of reasons and Tiwari denies them all. Anu gets frustrated and tells Tiwari get lost! Tiwari leaves.

Tillu is checking the pressure cooker and asks David from where did he steal this? David says that he never stole anything. Teeka says that the real owner of this cooker will come to them. Tillu asks David to get the bill of all the things he wants to sell. MasterJi and Gupta also shows up asks David that from where did he steal all this stuff? David says that he bought everything new that’s why he’s selling all this. Tillu says that he will give 5000 rupees. David agrees to the deal.

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