Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Tiwari Suffers Losses in Share Market


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Angoori is preparing food in the kitchen and Bhoore comes in and tells her that he cannot stay here any longer, he will leave. Angoori gets worried and asks, why? Tiwari also comes in and tells her that he also has a house and have to take care of it. Tiwari also says that because of Bhoore he is facing loss, because whichever company’s share he advised him to buy, never worked. Bhoore gets angry says, he might be out of form for now, it is not a big deal. Angoori says Bhoore cannot leave right now because it’s very late. Tiwari gets annoyed by Bhoore.

Tiwari is walking in his patio. He sees Vibhu watching him and smiling. Tiwari takes a seat. Bhoore comes out and says that he’s leaving. Tiwari starts humiliating Bhoore. Bhoore slaps Tiwari and sits with him. Bhoore tells Tiwari that he has dedicated his life to share market. Angoori also agrees, and tells Tiwari that Bhoore is being honest. Tiwari stares at Bhoore. Bhoore gets up and says, he leaving. Angoori gets sad and tries to console him because he’s upset from Tiwari. Bhoore and Angoori leaves inside the house. Tiwari says he’s already under so much loss, but might get some profit today.

Vibhu to sitting at his patio and checking share market. David brings coffee for Vibhu. David asks Vibhu that how is so sure that all the companies he has invested in are going to get him profit? Vibhu says that he all dependent on Angoori. Vibhu checks the share market as soon as it opens. Vibhu gets ecstatic after seeing that he made more profits. David also gets excited and starts playing music on his phone to celebrate.

Tiwari listens to them and checks his profits too. Tiwari gets shocked to see that lost more of his money. Tiwari starts crying and shouting that he lost everything he had. Angoori gets worried and comes to check Tiwari. Tiwari tells Angoori that on whichever companies shares he bought got declined, and also Bhoore’s suggested companies gained a lot of profit. Tiwari regrets not taking Bhoore’s advise. Bhoore comes out and says that he’s leaving. Tiwari goes to Bhoore and grabs his legs to stop him. Bhoore kicks him back.

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Vibhu is talking to someone sharing his share market assumptions. Vibhu hangs up and opens his door. Happu and Vibhu’s landlord shows up. Vibhu greets them both. Vibhu’s landlord tells Vibhu that he have clear the house. Vibhu’s landlord asks Happu to tell Vibhu everything. Happu tells Vibhu that his landlord starting arguing with father now wants his house because it’s his partition. Vibhu says that he will not clear the house. Suresh (Vibhu’s landlord) says that he has to or else he will have to take use of thugs. Vibhu takes Happu with him upstairs and Suresh waits for them downstairs. Vibhu tells Happu that he wants to buy this house. David agrees with him and tells Happu that he can himself too. Vibhu and Suresh starts negotiating the decision through Happu. Happu conveys their messages by walking down and stairs and climbing up. Happu gets tired. Vibhu says that he will pay 75lacs but the landlord demands 2 crore from Vibhu.

Tiwari is taking help of Angoori the pick out company names on a paper. Bhoore tells Tiwari that it will not help him, he have study the market to get good profits. Tiwari tells Bhoore that even he couldn’t help him. Bhoore tells Tiwari to get a good knowledge of market.

Vibhu and David shows up at Tiwari’s house with their bags and luggage. Tiwari gets annoyed. Angoori also shows up at the door. Vibhu tells Angoori that his landlord won the case and now, he has thrown them out of the house. So they need a place to stay. Tiwari stops them and says that he won’t let Vibhu stay at his home. Tiwari closes the door at Vibhu’s face and leaves. Angoori tries to stop Tiwari and agrees with Vibhu.
David suggests that he should get a hotel.

PreCap: Vibhu is staying outside his old house in a camp. David tells Vibhu that he lost some money. Vibhu blames it on Anu.