Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Tiwari Feeds Vibhuti


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Vibhu asks a shopkeeper to get him some chips. Tiwari shows up from behind and tells him to avoid eating junk. Vibhu runs away from him and Tiwari chases him. Happu also spots Vibhu tries to catch him, but fails. Tillu is also ready with a trap and throws it on Vibhu. Everyone catches Vibhu. Vibhu requests them to leave him. Happu tells Vibhu that there’s a price on his head to catch him. Tiwari starts laughing. Vibhu tells Tillu that he snitched on him. Tillu tells Vibhu that Tiwari paid him to do the job. Happu asks Tiwari that where did he want him take Vibhu? Tiwari replies, his house. Vibhu starts shouting that he will not go with them. Saxena passes by saying that someone is going to die soon. Tillu tells Saxena that Teeka wont die. Saxena again recites the same thing that someone is going to die. Vibhu says that his respect is going to get set with a funeral at Tiwari’s house.

Angoori brings food Vibhu. Vibhu is sitting at the dinner table and takes out his belt. Tiwari and Angoori gets shocked and Tiwari asks him that what is he doing? Vibhu tells Tiwari that he only wanted him to take off his clothes before eating so that he can assault his honour. Tiwari says that this was never his intentions. Vibhu asks really? Tiwari says, yes and asks if he was running away just of this reason? Vibhu agrees with him. Tiwari apologises to Vibhu and asks him to eat the food. Vibhu starts eating the lunch. Vibhu tells Angoori that the food was divine. Tiwari is staring at Vibhu. Vibhu tells Tiwari he will return his money next week. Tiwari says that doesn’t have to return the money, he forgave him with the loan. Vibhu gets overwhelmed and leaves Tiwari’s house.

Tiwari tells Angoori that soon he will get showered with crores soon. Angoori gets excited. Tiwari gets a call from Ammaji. Tiwari tells her that he’s waiting for his crores of money. Ammaji tells him that he’s not getting anything, because Pandit Ramfal red someone else’s birth chart and gave the solution. Tiwari gets frustrated and yells at Ramfal. Ammaji tells him to watch his tone. She tells Tiwari to take back his money from Vibhu. Tiwari hangs up the call.

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Anu is talking to the property dealer and asks him to give her few more days. The dealer says that they took advance from other party and can’t wait anymore and hangs up the call. Anu gets furious and blames everything on Vibhu. Vibhu is joyous and gets inside his house. Vibhu tells Anu that he’s ready to sign every paper for her. Anu orders him to leave the house and starts yelling at him.

Tiwari is sitting in his house and Happu comes inside. Tiwari asks Happu if he wants tea? Happu agrees and tells him to put ginger in the tea. Tiwari says that Angoori has left the get ginger only. Happu tells him to leave the topic and tells him to give the money he promised at police station with Anu. Happu takes out a coin of 2rs and gives it to Happu. Happu gets angry and tells him to stop playing games. Tiwari gives him the recording to Happu bribing from him. Happu gets shocked and says that he pay him back for this and leaves.

Tiwari spots Vibhu outside his house. Vibhu starts praising Tiwari. Tiwari asks Vibhu to return his 1.5 lakhs. Vibhu says that he already forgave that. Tiwari tells him that he changed his mind. Vibhu distracts him and runs away from him. Tiwari starts chasing him.

MasterJi asks Dr.Gupta that how is his rickshaw business doing? Gupta says that Teeka is a bit ill but still doing his job. Teeka shows with his rickshaw, and tells his passenger to get off because he cannot go  any further. The passenger leaves because Teeka starts coughing vigorously again. Tillu shows up and gets worried. Gupta says that he got Teeka’s report. Teeka gets worried. Gupta yells at Teeka and says that Teeka is healthy and fine. Teeka starts crying and begs for mercy. Teeka tells everyone that it was his plan to make fool of passengers by leaving them half way through their destination and takes full fare. Tillu starts yelling at Teeka. Saxena shows up and says that he can see someone’s funeral. Prem tells Saxena to stop this drama he’s making fool of everyone. Some people are taking a body labeled a corruption and they are fighting against corruption by a setting up a funeral of corruption. Saxena watches them pass by.

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