Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update: The Spirit of Michael and his Bicycle

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Ammaji asks Angoori if she understood everything? Angoori denies. Ammaji explains that she has to press this iron rod on the Tiwari, and make an impression of the stamp on his back whenever he bends over. Angoori gets worried.

Everyone is standing in a queue of general store. Tillu gets frustrated because the owner of the shop has left. Everyone gets angry too and says that he even scams people. Teeka says that the owner of the shop is freshly married. Vibhu also shows up and asks where is the owner of the shop? Tiwari also follows him and stands behind him. Tiwari asks Vibhu if Anu checks on him whenever he leaves with his friends? Vibhu says that Anu trusts him. Tiwari asks Vibhu if he drops Anu to her grooming classes? Vibhu denies. Tiwari whispers and tells him that someone else drops her. Vibhu gets angry and yells at Tiwari. Now, Tiwari asks if Anu waits for him to have dinner? Vibhu denies. Vibhu gets worried because Tiwari convinced him to think about Anu. Vibhu leaves.

Vibhu calls Anu and she straight up asks him, what does he want without even greeting him. Vibhu is hidden and in front of Anu asks she makes an excuse that she’s busy in her work. Vibhu contemplates that was right, and decides to follow her.

Anu is sitting with a person named Michael and says that she’s a married woman and can come with him. Vibhu eavesdrop on her and starts crying because he thinks that Anu is cheating on him.

Teeka and Tillu are sitting at the graveyard doing their duty. Teeka and Tillu listens to someone crying. A person comes out of the graveyard. Tillu says that this person might be returning back from his wife’s grave. Teeka and Tillu go up that person. They both make him settle down on a chair. The old man tells Teeka and Tillu that he’s missing his son Michael. Teeka and Tillu say that they will help him. Uncle gets overwhelmed. Teeka and Tillu asks, what happened to Michael? He says that his son loved a cycle and his soul still drives that cycle. Tillu and Teeka get scared. Uncle leaves. Saxena is controlling his cycle with a controller and takes his cycle to graveyard. Both of them get scared. Teeka and Tillu starts shivering.

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Angoori is heating up the iron rod in her kitchen. Angoori says that she really wants to become student of Ramfal. Tiwari shows up and says that he’s starving. Angoori hides the rod and tells Tiwari that she dropped her diamond earring in the hall. Tiwari gets worried and starts searching for it. Vibhu shows up and Tiwari gets a call. Tiwari tells Vibhu to search for the diamond ring. Vibhu bends over and starts searching for the diamond ring. Angoori brings the metal rod and presses it behind Vibhu. Vibhu starts screaming. Angoori apologises and tells him that she was going to make a design on the wall, but accidentally made it on him. Tiwari shows up and asks Vibhu, why was he screaming? Vibhu is crying in pain and Tiwari takes him outside.

Vibhu tells Tiwari he saw Anu talking to someone else. Tiwari asks him what happened? Vibhu tells Tiwari that Anu love some other person. Tiwari gets shocked. Vibhu explains everything. Tiwari starts crying and hugs Vibhu. Vibhu pushes him away.

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