Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Saxena Makes A Unique Cycle

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Teeka and Tillu are roaming around graveyard. They both gets scared after seeing each others face. Teeka says that they will lose their job. Tillu tells Teeka that he heard a rumour that people who work at graveyard always dies single. Teeka says that it will not happen to them, they will get a girl. Tillu gets happy. Teeka and Tillu spots Anu and stops the rickshaw to inquire her. Teeka asks her that what is she doing here at graveyard this late. Anu creepily recites a poetry about death. Teeka and Tillu get sacred. Anu leaves with the rickshaw. Tillu says that something was wrong with her, she didn’t seem normal. Teeka agrees with him.

Ammaji shows up and calls Angoori. Tiwari shows up and Ammaji slaps Tiwari because he didn’t greet him. Angoori shows up and welcomes her. Ammaji wishes her long life. Ammaji gets angry on Tiwari. Angoori tells her not to worry because she will give her grandson and granddaughter. Ammaji says that they will talk about that some other day. Ammaji says that Pandit Ramfal is getting old and wants pass his tantrism learnings to him. Tiwari gets annoyed because he wanted his property and leaves angrily. Ammaji starts crying and Angoori consoles her. Angoori tells her that she will learn tantrism from Ramfal. Ammaji gets happy and tells her not to tell anything about this to Tiwari.

Anu comes back to her house. Tiwari goes upto her. Tiwari asks her where were she this late? Anu says that she had some work in her grooming classes. Tiwari starts asking her more questions. Anu gets angry and orders him not interfere in her life. Tiwari apologises and says that Vibhu will also ask her the same question. Anu says that Vibhu will never do that, and he trusts her with his life. Anu goes inside her house. Tiwari gets frustrated says that now he will convince to Vibhu to doubt her.

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Vibhu is waiting for Anu in his bedroom. Anu shows up and sits with him. Anu asks Vibhu, why didn’t he ask her that where were she? Vibhu tells Anu that he trusts her and knows that wont do anything stupid. Anu gets overwhelmed and tells Vibhu that she also trusts him. Vibhu and Anu starts romanticising each other.

Saxena controls a bicycle with a controller and the cycle moves with his every action. Saxena says that he will get a noble prize for this creation. His cycle moves on his own and Saxena goes after his cycle to catch it.

Everyone is standing in a queue to get milk from the dairy man. Vibhu asks him to hurry up! Vibhu asks Prem to open a dairy factory.  Gupta also agrees and says that Prem already have a lot of money according to him. Tiwari shows up and asks Vibhu where was Anu last night and starts to convince him always take know where Anu is going. Vibhu gets cautious for her.

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