Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Ammaji Ruins Vibhuti’s Plan

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Angoori is sitting in her house. Vibhu comes in and sits with her. Vibhu greets her. Angoori greets him back. Angoori asks Vibhu that where is he coming from? Vibhu tells Angoori that something weird happened to him. Angoori asks, what happened? Vibhu tells her that when he was coming back home, he saw a baba standing alone with a flower in his hand. He went up to him and greeted him, then he gave a flower to him and told him to put this flower in Angoori’s hairs. Angoori gets confused. Ammaji shows shows up at the main gate and listens to Vibhu. Vibhu tells Angoori that if she puts this flower in her hairs, all of her problems will be solved. Angoori asks, really? Vibhu says, that baba told him. Ammaji says that there are no problems in Angoori’s life. Vibhu thinks that now his plan will get destroyed. Angoori greets Ammaji. Ammaji also greets her back. Ammaji says that Angoori doesn’t have any problem in her life, but she has a lot of problems. Vibhu tells Ammaji that she doesn’t have problem. Ammaji tells him to shut up, and put the flower in her hairs. Angoori also agrees with Ammaji. Vibhu says that he cannot put this flower in her hairs, because he got this flower for her. Angoori yells at Vibhu and forces him to put the flower in Ammaji’s hairs. Vibhu puts the flower. Ammaji starts flirting with Vibhu and he gets scared.

Prem, Masterji and Dr. Gupta are trying to cross the road on a plank. MasterJi and Gupta falls down in the ditch. Teeka and Tillu laughs at them. MasterJi and Gupta starts screaming for help. Gupta asks that who dug this ditch? Tillu shouts that they did this. Prem asks Teeka and Tillu for help. Teeka and Tillu continues to play cards. Teeka says that their contractor gave them order to dig the road, so that LPG pipe can be placed. MasterJi asks, why aren’t they completing the work? Tillu says that they are on strike. Prem shouts at Teeka and Tillu and tells to take them out of the ditch. Tillu tells Teeka that they should fill this ditch up. Their contractor shows up and warns them. Prem gets scared and he also falls into the ditch. Contractor tells Teeka and Tillu that if they even try to work during the strike, he will break their bones. Teeka and Tillu gets scared.

Ammaji starts flirting with Vibhu. Vibhu gets scared and wakes up. Anu asks Vibhu, what happened? Vibhu tells Anu that he saw a nightmare. Vibhu goes back to sleep.

Tiwari goes to Anu’s house and calls her and she shows up. Tiwari sees that the flower is placed in Anu’s hairs. Anu starts complementing Tiwari’s moustache. Tiwari gets excited. Anu starts reciting poetries for Tiwari. Tiwari gets overjoyed and starts crying. Anu asks, what happened? Tiwari says that he got overwhelmed. Anu recites another poetry for Tiwari. Tiwari gets even more emotional. Tiwari wakes up because he was dreaming. Tiwari thinks that he should convert this dream into reality.
Vibhu also decides to put the flower in Angoori’s hairs. Vibhu checks if Anu is asleep. Vibhu asks Anu if she’s asleep. Anu replies, no.
Tiwari gets up from the bed. Angoori turns on the light. Angoori asks, where is he going? Tiwari says that there’s a rat, who got into his shop, so he has to the shop to take it out, or else, he will destroy all the clothes. Angoori tells him to go in the morning. Tiwari says that he has to go. Angoori starts flirting with Tiwari and says that they should start romancing. Tiwari says that he has to go.

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Anu asks Vibhu that where is he going? Vibhu says that he has to go and take a walk. Anu denies and starts flirting with Vibhu. Vibhu says that has to go because his stomach is aching because of gas. Anu gets disgusted and tells him to leave. Vibhu gets excited and leaves.

Angoori tells Tiwari to go and wear blue kurta, because he looks handsome in that. Tiwari asks Angoori to go and get it for him. Angoori goes to get the kurta.

David is still disguised as a lady and asking his friend a remedy for neck pain. David gets the remedy and hangs up the call. David starts moving his head to fix the neck pain. Vibhu comes down and sees David, he thinks that its a ghost. David removes the hairs and tells Vibhu that it’s him. Vibhu asks David that why is he dressed as a lady? David says, because of debts. David asks Vibhu that why is he here this late? Vibhu tells David that he’s stomach was aching. Vibhu gets disgusted after seeing David. David tells him to shut up! Vibhu goes outside the house.

Teeka and Tillu are sitting on a hump of mud with two more workers. Tillu gives liquor to Teeka. Teeka starts drinking it. Tillu says that they did a lot of work. Teeka agrees with him. Teeka and Tillu starts arguing with other workers on who did the most work. Saxena shows up and says that if they will do his work, he will give 2 lakhs. Teeka asks Tillu if they should do the work? Everyone agrees to Saxena. Saxena says that he will give everyone 1 lakh. The contractor shows up and warns everyone. Saxena asks the contractor if he can break his legs?

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