Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Anita Asks Tiwari To Become her Guarantor


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Angoori is talking on her phone asking a person return back her father’s money anyhow. She doesn’t forgives him and again orders him to return back to money or else…

the person hangs up the call.

Vibhu asks Angoori what happened? Angoori tells Vibhu that Puttan’s friend lent money from her father,  now it’s been almost a year and he didn’t returned the money. Vibhu says that people who take money never returns it back on time. Angoori asks Vibhu if he ever gave to money to someone? Vibhu agrees and says that it’s the reason how he got poor. Angoori says that it’s hard to believe it. Vibhu says that if he were lying his head would a crushed now. Suddenly, a flowerpot flies towards Vibhu and Angoori grabs it to help Vibhu’s head from getting crushed. Vibhu thanks her and says that he will even donate his head to her if she wants. Angoori laughs and goes back inside her house.

Vibhu tells Anu that he’s confused that why does she want his signature? Anu says that it’s weird but it is what it is. Vibhu asks Anu what if she fails to payback the loan? David tells Vibhu that he will have to pay it then. Vibhu says that he doesn’t even have a single penny. David says that he got his mother, who got 3 crore in her bank account. Vibhu says that she will never give him money. Anu gives an idea to Vibhu to ask for the money for his heart transplant. Vibhu stares at Anu. David and Vibhu starts laughing. A bank employee shows up and tells them that he’s from loan department. Anu asks who can she help him? He tells her that she has to complete some formalities before the sanctioning the loan. Anu asks about the formalities. He says that he needs her husband’s signature and a guarantor. Anu says that he didn’t tell this before. He tells Anu that her credit score is very low.

Vibhu asks that why do they need his signature? He tells Vibhu that it’s in the rules set by the authorities. The bank employee leaves. Anu asks David to be her guarantor. David says, sure. Vibhu asks, then who will take David’s guarantee?

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Anu is drinking her coffee and Tiwari shows up. He greets Anu. Anu greets him back. Tiwari asks what does she need? Anu says nothing much. Tiwari says that he’s ready to even give his life to her. Tiwari thinks that she needs love from him and starts dreaming. Anu tells Tiwari that she needs loan to buy land. Tiwari asks how much? Anu replies, 50 lacs. Tiwari gets shocked. Anu tells him that she doesn’t need loan from him, but only needs him to be her guarantor. Tiwari agrees with her, and asks her where does he have to do the sign? Anu says that they will have to go to the back to do the signature. Tiwari says, sure.

Prem tells Vibhu that he needs his help to gamble and gives him list of codes which a person will narrate to him. Prem tells him that he will get 6 lacs from 1.5 lacs and asks to arrange 1.5 lacs somehow. Vibhu shakes hands with Prem.

Saxena tells Angoori that he’s getting hallucinations. Angoori asks about hallucinations. Saxena explains about hallucinations. Saxena hallucinates and tells Angoori that she’s about to get money order. Angoori says that it cannot happen. Postman shows up and gives a post to Angoori. Postman tells Angoori that it’s a money order for her. Angoori opens the post and reads that Puttan sent her money which he achieved in a painting competition in jail. Angoori gets emotional and starts crying. Angoori goes back inside her house. MasterJi shows up and asks Saxena is he’s scamming? Saxena yells at MasterJi and tells him that Angoori is like a mother to him.

Teeka and Tillu shows up and asks what happened? Saxena tells Teeka and Tillu that MasterJi is saying that he’s scamming Angoori. Saxena hallucinates again and tells that Master’s face is going to get covered in white cream. A birds beats on MasterJi’s face and Teeka and Tillu starts laughing at him.

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