Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Kulta Shoots Vibhuti


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Angoori and Vibhu are sitting together at Tiwari’s house. Tiwari sees them and heads inside. Tiwari asks Angoori that what is she doing. Angoori replies, practice. Tiwari gets confused. Vibhu tells Tiwari, if she goes to Kulta without knowing how to dance then their plan might get flopped. Tiwari understands and motivates Angoori to practice. Tiwari takes his phone and leaves for his shop. Vibhu gets excited.

Angoori is getting drunk at the bar. Angoori goes up to Kulta. Kulta gets amazed to see her. He asks Angoori to sit with him. Angoori settles down. Angoori is getting hiccups. Kulta tells Angoori that someone is thinking about her. Angoori says, not at all. Kulta asks about Tiwari. Angoori denies.

Vibhu and Tiwari are sitting at the tea stall waiting for Angoori’s call. Tiwari says that he’s getting worried. Vibhu gets furious and tells that why is he getting worried now, when it was him who advised her to go there. Tiwari replies that he also agreed with Angoori and she told him about the scenario. Vibhu and Tiwari starts arguing. Saxena shows up and asks them that why are they arguing? Vibhu tells Saxena that Tiwari sent Angoori to Kulta builders. Tiwari says that he’s lying, and trying to defame him. Saxena gets angry and starts shouting. Saxena leaves.

KK is flirting with Angoori. KK asks Angoori that when will they meet again? Angoori replies, whenever he wants. KK asks where does she want him to come? Angoori whispers, at her home. Angoori thinks that she will teach him a lesson once he arrives at her house.

Tiwari gets a call from Angoori. Tiwari and Vibhu gets excited. Tiwari picks up the call and talks to her. She tells Tiwari that KK fell into her trap. Tiwari gets amazed. He hangs up the call. Vibhu asks Tiwari if Angoori successfully bluffed him? Tiwari says, yes and KK is also coming at his house for dinner. Vibhu gets ecstatic.

Angooro brings food for KK at her house. KK asks her that why did she got bothered, isn’t there any chef aur helper? Angoori says that people appreciates her tasty food. Angoori asks KK how’s the food? KK says, she has magic in her hands. Tiwari and Vibhu are peeking through the window. Vibhu gets angry after seeing them two. Tiwari calms him down. Angoori prepares a drink for KK and challenges him to drink it all in one breath. KK asks what will he get? Angoori asks him, what does he want? KK replies, her. KK requests Angoori to perform dance for him. Angoori agrees with him and asks him to complete her challenge first. KK drinks the whole liquor. Vibhu smiles and says that now he might go to sleep. Angoori asks KK if this whole Modern Colony is his. KK says, yes. KK starts laughing and says that they should make a building in a partnership. Angoori asks about his previous partner. KK tells her that his partner is a beggar who had all this land, but he tricked him to take all of his property. Angoori appreciates KK’s trick. KK again asks Angoori for dance. Angoori also starts flirting with KK. Angoori now asks KK that where are the paper of this land, are they safe? KK tells Angoori that the papers are safe inside a den at Laal Pahadi which is filled with bats and snakes and only his assistant Totaram can retrieve those papers. There’s also a gate there and shows Angoori the keys. Vibhu and Tiwari watches KK.

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KK is looking for Angoori and in her house. Angoori is hidden inside the store room. KK knocks at the door. KK gets a call from his bodyguard. His bodyguard informs KK that Vibhu, David and Tiwari stole the papers of Modern Colony. KK gets furious and says that they will not make it out alive. Angoori listens to KK and gets worried for Tiwari. Angoori vaults out the window.

Tiwari, Vibhu and David shows up at their colony. David says that they should rush to police station. KK and his bodyguards finds Vibhu, David and Tiwari. Tiwari and Vibhu tries to console KK. KK starts humiliating them. Vibhu steps towards KK and starts disrespecting KK. He starts yelling at KK. KK grabs a axe to kill Vibhu. Angoori’s saree falls on Vibhu and starts acting like hero. Vibhu challenges KK. KK’s bodyguard starts cheering for Vibhu. KK grabs a pistol and shoots at Vibhu. Everyone gets shocked.

PreCap: Angoori asks everyone to help Tiwari, Vibhu and David. Kulta is after them.
Dr. Gupta is operating Tiwari after the gunshot and asks him to have talk because he doesn’t have anaesthesia.