Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Model colony discuss about 15th August


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Angoori and Vibhu in their respective kitchen. Vibhu asks ANgoori for whom is she cooking Samosas. Angoori says for our colony people, why aren’t you here everyone is planning for 15th Aug. Teeka and Tillu help Angoori in serving.

Tiwari, Gupta, Prem and Masterji discussing 15th Aug. Vibhu joins them. Teeka and Tillu get snacks and everyone jumps on it. Prem says to Angoori, she has cooked delicious samosas and thanks Tiwari for serving such yummy samosa. Gupta and Master agree with Prem. The discussion distracts from 15th Aug to samosas. Tiwari gets upset and scolds everyone. Vibhu calms him down and says let’s make plans.

A rich businessman visits Saxena. He hands Saxena a few documents and Saxena is in shock.
Everyone at the tea stall discuss decoration for 15th Aug. Tiwari and Vibhu tell how nearby colonies make fun of us for not having grand decoration. Everyone discuss about who will do the flag hoisting. Everyone proposes themself. Vibhu says I am the only deserving candidate. Tiwari says to him, you aren’t because you are unemployed and so I will do it, Vibhu says you aren’t worth it. Saxena walks to them and asks them to stop the discussion because there will be no 15th Aug as our model colony is getting destroyed. Saxena tells them that Businessman and builder Kuljit Kulta is behind our colony.

Tiwari upset goes home. Angoori asks him what is wrong. Tiwari tells her about Kuljit Kulta. Angoori calls Ammaji and informs about Kuljit Kulta. Tiwari says to Amma, first we will talk to police and if doesn’t work will then protest.

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Vibhu, Tiwari and david drinking and in tears. Vibhu says to Tiwari, we have love hate relation but I still loved it and I can’t live like this without Bhabhiji. Vibhu says I mean Anu, she is going at her brothers place in America and asks what about you. Tiwari starts crying and says Ammaji has called us. Prem walks to them and tells Vibhu that Kuljit is the guy who was behind Anu and we hit him hard. Vibhu says just wait and watch then.

David, Vibhu, Tiwari and Saxena visit Kuljit at his office. His secretary says you don’t have an appointment so you can’t meet him. Vibhu says he was our old friend. She allows them and says first you will be checked as per protocol and then you will have to wear meeting costumes from that room.

Kuljit makes the men dress in night gowns.

Pre cap: Tiwari is informed that a mall will be constructed in model colony and Kuljit asks everyone to vacat the colony.