Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Anita throws Vibhuti and his gang out.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Vibhu, Teeka, Tillu and Saxena were frustrated by mosquito bites while practising with Zalluludin. Vibhu says enough of rehearsals lets get to shows now. Zalluludin says okay go home keep practising and get to shows.

Tiwari goes to the police station and sees no one is there and sits on Happu’s chair. Happy talking on phone sits on Tiwari’s lap and then scolds him for seating on his chair. Tiwari mocks Happu. Tiwari starts crying and says Anu is lost, I need help. Happu says I will do everything to find her and asks what exactly has happened. Tiwari tells Happu about Anu’s affair. Happu starts crying.

Happu and Tiwari visit Anu. Anu welcomes them. Tiwari and Happu whisper and argue about who will talk to Anu. Anu asks what is it. Happu says I heard tomatoes are expensive now. Anu says you are right, they have become so expensive, stop eating tomatoes now. Happu says but that will reduce the taste. Happu and Anu discuss about tomatoes. Tiwari interrupts. Happu and Tiwari get into an argument. Anu asks them to speak about why are they here. Tiwari starts crying and Happu gets emotional too. Anu says I am leaving if you two are going to behave this way. Tiwari stops her and says we are upset because we heard that you are having an affair. Anu scolds Tiwari for questioning her character. Tiwari says I saw you late at night chatting with someone. Anu says it’s for my acting online class. Tiwari and Happu relieved and hug each other and leave happily.

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Vibhuti and his gang rehearsing in Mishra house. Anu asks them why are they shouting and singing Kawali. Vibhu says this is how we sing Kawali. Anu says this is not the place to rehearse, get out. Saxena requests Anu, to let Vibhu practice and have only one thing Vibhu has. Anu says I would allow if he was doing something better but this is useless. Vibhu says Kawali emotion. Anu starts throwing utensils at them and makes them leave the house.

Vibhu says to Saxena I don’t think Tiwari will help us with his house for practice. Tillu says you are right he won’t allow it until he sees some benefit.
Vibhu and his gang go to Tiwari’s house to ask for help. Tiwari asks them why are they here to disturb him late at night and humiliates everyone. Tillu requests for place to rehearse kawali. Tiwari insults them and denies. Angoori asks what the issue is. Vibhu tells her he wants a place to rehearse. Angoori says don’t upset artists, allow them. Tiwari says I won’t and shuts the door. Vibhu abuses Tiwari singing Kawali. Vibhu says we should go to Saxena’shouse for rehearsals. Saxena agrees.

Pre cap: Vibhuti and gang rehersing Tiwari house. Tiwari insults him and says the party is mine and I will make decisions. tiwari makes Vibhu do waiter job and keeps humiliating him.