Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Anita is Surprised to see Angoori’s Romance


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Tiwari is exercising in his garden at the morning. He gets exhausted really soon and feels guilty. Teeka and Tillu shows up and asks Tiwari that why is he looking of tired? Did he do any marathon? Tiwari says that he just did some sit ups and got exhausted. Teeka and Tillu tells him that he’s not strong internally and advises him to go and see a vedya who sits near to this place. Tiwari yells at them. Teeka and Tillu leaves. Angoori shows up and tells Tiwari that he looks like a bodybuilder to her. Tiwari gets overwhelmed. A One robot has brought lemon water for Tiwari. Tiwari makes her drink some too and it starts malfunctioning. Saxena gets frustrated because he found another error. A One robot starts dancing and sits on Tiwari’s lap. Vibhu shows up and  tells Angoori that it’s disgusting to romance outside, and even disgusting that she’s doing it with Tiwari. A One robot again starts calling Vibhu unemployed. Vibhu starts crying and leaves. Tiwari gets joyous because Angoori made fun of Vibhu. Saxena resets the A One robot. The robot gets up from Tiwari’s lap and feels shy. Tiwari says that it’s okay.

Vibhu goes back to his and sits with David. David wakes up and tells Vibhu that he saw a dream where Angoori was slapping him. Vibhu starts crying and says that it might become reality. Vibhu says that he’s topper of his university and David makes fun of him. Vibhu asks if he’s making fun of his skills? David says that he’s doesn’t even have one. Vibhu says that he has done a lot of things in this house which are admirable. David asks what? Vibhu says that he hung the curtain on the pelmet, and it will never fall. Just then, the curtain falls down. Vibhu goes to make coffee for David.

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Tillu and Teeka are again dressed as vedya and Tiwari goes to them to get medicines for his internal stamina. Tillu says that he might have gotten old. Tiwari says that he eats every dry fruit and all the beneficial items. Anu spots Tiwari and wonders that what he doing at Hakeem’s shop? Teeka gives him the medicine and Tiwari leaves silently.

Tiwari is wondering that why is Angoori dominant while doing romance. Angoori brings milk for Tiwari. Tiwari thanks him. Angoori says that she’s not in a mood for romance today. Tiwari asks her to sing a song. Anu shows up to her balcony while talking on her phone. Tiwari makes Angoori (A one robot) drink milk and it’s starts malfunctioning again. Angoori and Tiwari vigorously starts dancing together. Angoori tears all of Tiwari’s clothes and throws it away. Anu gets shocked. Angoori puts on the curtains. Anu says that Angoori is being really active nowadays.

Anu is talking to her friend Meenal. Anu tells everything about Angoori and Tiwari to her. Anu hangs up the call after that. Now, Anu calls Angoori. Anu greets Angoori and she also greets her back. Anu asks Angoori that what experiment is she going to do tonight? Angoori gets confused. Anu uses many english words and Angoori says that she’s not getting anything. Anu tries to ask Angoori about her energy but Angoori gets confused. Angoori accidentally tastes the food and starts malfunctioning. Angoori tells everything to Anu explains her how to seduce Vibhu, and even talks in english she tells her to be wild and bold. Anu gets shocked. Saxena again finds an error and fixes it. Angoori comes back to her senses and hangs up the call.

Anu is ready with alcohol and waiting for Vibhu inside her bedroom.

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