Bekaboo 4th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ranav getting angry on Bela. He says I saved you from every danger, you have cheated me, you got me in your control. He gets angry. He breaks things and says you are such a coward, you have run away, no, you are clever, you won’t run away until you kill me. She reaches the lakeside and recalls his meeting with Devlekha. He says this night is also similar to that night. Bela comes there. He scolds her for ruining the person. Bela says we ruin those who ruin others. He says you fairies and your Dharm. She says yes, its our duty, which you Rakshas can never do. He says yes, its in your nature to cheat. She says I didn’t cheat, I came to do my duty, your brother fell in love with me, what could I do, I came to stop you Rakshas from getting Ati astra. He says you lied and made two brothers fight. She says you forced me to do that, I didn’t want you brothers to fight, I felt bad and I m feeling bad even today, you forced me, I just came to do my duty. He says you were cheating. She says you cheated me, you snatched my respect, you have done a big sin.

She says you Rakshas don’t know good and bad, right and wrong, you have done wrong. He says yes, it was a matter of my heart, you have also made a personal attack, you broke my brother’s heart, broke my dad’s Tapp, dad wanted Ati astra to do good for the rakshas, not to ruin others. She asks how can Rakshas be trusted, so Devtas threw the devils in the hell, if you get the power then you will ruin everything. He says you know everything, so you did everything in advance, you killed me, you ruined my family, I did right to take revenge on you, you fairies deserve this. She says I did right to kill you. He says I died and there was no one to save my brother and family, it was because of you. She says I lost everything because of you, you snatched my dignity and identity, I got cursed and came back to the earth, you got your family back, I m all alone, I can’t go back to my mum and Parilok, I lost everything. He starts laughing. He says I m glad to hear this, you also got punished for your crime. He says I have come back, you are alone, I m alone.

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