Bekaboo 30th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Ranav suspects Bela


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The Episode starts with Yatin saying you will fall ill if you don’t take care. He gets a call and says what, Ritika didn’t reach, I will see. He says Ritika is missing, she didn’t board the flight, she isn’t in the hotel room, these people would have done this, I will take you away from here, please come. Bela says no, I won’t move from here until I take revenge. He says no Bela, you have to come with me. He takes her. She says we aren’t going, leave my hand. Ranav comes. He asks what’s going on. Yatin says we are going. Bela says Yatin does a drama always. Yatin says she got hurt, its not safe here, we are going. Ranav says I know she is hurt, but I m sorry, she should have not taken the scooty if she didn’t know riding it. Yatin says it was your shoot, we are leaving. Paatali says I promise, you both won’t have any trouble here, stay back. Bela says we will stay back. Yatin says Ranav has no problem with our leaving, we will go, come. She falls in Ranav’s arms. Tum mere ho…plays… Ranav thinks she is my Bela.

Yatin says Sofia, cab is waiting for us. Ranav says stop. He cries. He drops her pics and burns it. He says photoshoot was disgusting, I don’t like this at all, we have to do it again, Sofia, you can’t go now, your work is still there. Paatali smiles.

He thinks I want to know if you are my Bela. Bela thinks you have stopped your death here. She thinks to find the book and find out how to kill Paatali and Ranav. She doesn’t get it anywhere. She sees the hand marks on a wall. She says this looks like someone has touched it just now, what’s this secret, I will go and see. She sees the secret passage. She says Yamini is clever, she has hidden secrets in this passage, that book will be here.

She gets the book. Paatali says Bela has done something with Yamini, but what, how, I will find a way to make Yamini fine. She sees Malak coming from the window. Bela looks on and thinks Rakshas Balaka. She thinks but Ranav told that Balaka is dead, how did he come here. Paatali asks what are you doing here. He says I have seen the empty room and you, so I have come. She says if Ranav sees you here, then, why did you come. He says it was imp to come here, you know this night comes in a thousand years, Asi astra’s powers gets 1000 times more. She says but where is that Asi astra, my husband Balaka had tried a lot to get it, but Balaka and Asi astra are missing, Ashwat died for it. Bela thinks who is he if he isn’t Balaka. Malak says don’t take my brother’s name again and again, I know Balaka was ahead of me always, I was ahead of him in cunningness, planning and cruelness, I m the most powerful Raksha Malaka. Paatali says yes, it means cheating, you are always ahead of Balaka, right Devar ji. He says you too Bhabhi ji. She says I love my family a lot. He says I didn’t come to argue, you came to ask for my help, I helped you, if I tell this secret then… Bela thinks what secret. Paatali says not a word more, keep it a secret, why are you threatening me. He says you said Ranav will get Asi astra, why, you know I want it. She says I also want it, don’t repeat it again and again, I m trying my best to find it. He says find it soon, else I will tell your secret to everyone. He goes. She says where shall I find that Asi astra. Bela goes. Dadi says my heart says you are my Bela, who loved my Ranav a lot, my Ranav and Bela loved each other a lot. Bela says I know you are in pain, what appears doesn’t happen and what happens doesn’t appear in front of us. She sees Ranav. Dadi asks her to take the necklace. Bela says no. Dadi says take this as my blessing. Bela hugs her and thinks I can tell you the truth of this family, sorry, I can’t fall weak. She goes.

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Paatali says we will leave at night, we have to take Yamini to Rakshasi temple. Shekhar says fine. Yamini comes laughing. Dadi gets the food and asks them to have it. She says don’t insult food. Bela says how sweet, you handle your bahu well, you are a tigress. Yamini gets up and argues. Bela says sorry, I had no intention to make you both fight. She goes. Yamini catches Dadi and argues with her. She shows her Rakshasi avatar.

Bela hides and looks on. Dadi gets shocked seeing Yamini. Shekhar says darling, stop, you promised me. Yamini pushes him. He says please don’t break the promise. She says I will eat her. Ranav comes and pushes away Yamini. He asks Dadi are you fine. He says you attacked Dadi and crossed all the limits, I will punish you. He takes Yamini with him. Paatali asks Ranav to stop.

She sees Bela smiling. Ranav locks Yamini. Yamini says get me out, I m not mad. Paatali says listen to me, you are doing wrong, Yamini is cunning. He says you think she is normal. Yamini shouts open the door, else I will break it. Paatali says I know she gets angry, but she can’t go mad like this, its not her nature, she had promised Shekhar that she will never attack his mum, she promised him on her wedding night, she never attacked his mum. He asks shall I leave her, when I came back, she did the same. Yamini shouts open the door Pratham, I hate you, I used to hate Ashwat also, its good he died, I will kill you. He says enough. He uses his powers and confines her for life. Bela looks on. She thinks I took enemy on one more enemy, just Paatali and Ranav are left. She goes. Paatali asks what did you do, you have locked Yamini, Bela is doing this. Ranav says you think Yamini was good before and Bela is making her a murderer, why would she do this, why would she come back in disguise and attack us, the truth is, I have gone for jogging, fire caught up and she died, I didn’t see Bela, I saw a dead body. She asks was it Bela. He says DNA test showed she was Bela, how can she get alive, why would she do this, Bela and I were happy together. Bela says what’s Paatali’s secret, if they get Asi astra, then they will rule on the seven lok and ruin the universe. Ranav thinks of Sofia. He says she is Bela, my heart and mind also say she is Bela. Bela says I don’t care if you are with Paatali and Malak, everyone is playing games to get Asi astra, I don’t have time to know your intentions and games, the time has come for the final test, just one attack and then all the Rakshas will end, Ranav will die. Ranav says Bela can’t do this, why would she do this, there is no reason, is she doing this. Bela says yes, I will end everything. She reads the book. She reads Rakshas’ weakness. She says I have to do this anyhow. Ranav comes and asks what. She thinks did he hear everything. She hides the book. He says people change their name and face, but the eyes say the truth, you are Bela. He says Bela is dead, I have seen and accepted the truth that was in front of me, if my Bela came back, then why would she become Sofia, I have seen you with Yatin that night, together in a room, I was shocked, I knew you can’t be my Bela, you can’t cheat me, then I touched you and everything changed in a moment, I m sure you are Bela, why are you doing this, what do you want to do, why did you come, tell me. She looks at him.

The episode ends.