Bekaboo 23rd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Bela kills Udit and Adi


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The Episode starts with Bela stopping Udit. He says I m going to Goa for a holiday. She asks him to leave a note for Yamini, else she will worry. He leaves a note. She insists him to take her along. She says I want to see the famous jungles. She insists. He agrees. They go to a jungle. He says there is nothing here. She says I love the beautiful jungle, I heard it, Rakshas live here, they eat people for their fun. He gets angry and murmurs I wish to eat her right now. He says its all nonsense, Rakshas don’t exist. She says they exist, they don’t let the matter come out by using their powers, they kill the Rakshas. She asks did you get scared. He says no. She asks him to come. She drops him into a deep pit. He gets stabbed. He screams and says help me, go and call someone. She goes. He hopes she gets help soon.

He asks where are mom and everyone. She smiles. She says no one will come. He gets angry. She says I have seen your Rakshas avatar, your powers can’t save you, you will die. He asks are you Bela, a fairy. She says yes, I m Bela, but I m not a fairy, I don’t need my powers to kill you all. He says no, get me out of here, please. She says no, you all have killed many innocent people. He dies. She says one Rakshas is gone and now others will die. Yamini laughs and says why am I laughing, Udit has disappeared. She asks Dadi did you see Udit. Dadi says no, but there is a note. Yamini checks the note. She laughs and jokes on Dadi. Ranav gives the interview. Adi says that reporter is hot, Mallika isn’t here, I will go to that girl. The lady says I want Sofia and your pic. Ranav says sure. Yatin comes. He says Sofia is getting ready. Ranav says she would be tired. Yatin says she is coming. Bela comes. Ranav looks at her.

Naira thinks is Ranav falling for this Sofia. Shekhar asks Yamini to control her happiness and trap Sofia. Yamini says I don’t know why I m getting this laugh. She goes to Yatin and says I want to open chain of spas, I want a big partner for funds. She flirts with him. He says not interested, I have a fairy with me. He goes. Shekhar says he didn’t get trapped. Bela acts to meditate. Ranav says I will go to office. Bela says I got an idea, we will do the photoshoot in the jungle. Ranav says no need. Paatali says listen to her. He asks why am I bearing her tantrums, she isn’t Bela. She says do as she said. He says fine, we will shoot in jungle. Bela says lovely, lets go.

They go to the jungle. Bela poses. Adi signs to Ritika. Ranav asks what are you doing here. Adi flirts with Ritika. Naira says no husband is loyal like you, Bela left, you aren’t able to move on. Ranav says true love never gets off. Bela thinks I don’t have to bear them for long. She signs Yatin. She drives the scooty and asks how will I stop this. Ranav asks why are you driving, when you can’t stop it. He says I didn’t see such a mad girl, she will fall again. He remembers Bela. Yatin says we will find her. Paatali asks Ranav not to show Rakshas powers, go as a human and get Sofia back. Paaali thinks of Bela’s intentions. Adi is about to bite Ritika. Bela comes and stops him. She asks what are you doing here with this boy. Ritika says I was just going. Bela asks Adi to ride the scooty and take her to the shooting location. He agrees. She goes with him.

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She asks about the isolated house. She says you might be scared, are you a coward. He says I m not scared of ghosts, I m more dangerous. She says we will see, we will go inside the house. Ranav and Yatin look for Sofia. Yatin hopes Bela does for what she has come here. Bela says I think I know about this place. Adi says not possible, no one knows about it. Bela says but your mum and Nani know it, they called me here to know if I m a fairy or not, its time you also know this and die. She goes to stab him. He holds her hand and laughs. He slaps her.

He says so you have come to take revenge, we thought you died, but you are still alive, what was your plan, you wanted to change all of us, you forgot we are Rakshas, we never die. She says Rakshas die if they stab themselves. He laughs and says you mean I will stab myself. She says I will kill you all, you snatched my everything, my child also. He says bad happened with you, we snatched your everything, I will snatch your life now, you did bad to come back here to die, you know you are an ordinary human now, not a fairy, how will you face a Rakshas, you have no powers now. She says I don’t need my powers to fight you, a mum’s curse is enough. He laughs and breaks the knife. She asks what will you do now, will you go and tell everyone that I m Bela. He asks why will I take you alive, I will kill you and take your dead body there. He attacks her and comes into his Rakshas form. She runs. He says no one is here to save you. Yatin says we will go that side. Adi says Bela, your game is over now. He is about to bite her. She says you got trapped. She pulls a rope. He gets stabbed. Adi screams. Everyone hears his scream. Paatali says what’s this voice. Yatin says I have seen the scooty that side, come on Ranav. Ranav says wait. Adi says Bela, you are a fairy, fairy forgives, please forgive me. She says just repentance is there for some sins. Adi says please don’t kill me, I m sorry. He falls underground. She cleans the blood marks. She leaves. Ranav and Yatin come. Ranav asks who did this to you. She says you. He looks at her. She says I mean your scooty. She recalls dropping the scooty down. Yatin asks are you okay. She says no, look at all of these bruises, my face got spoiled, modelling is my source of income, I will sue you. Yatin says Ranav, we have to postpone the shooting. He takes Bela. He asks Bela to show to a doctor. She says its okay. He says I don’t know your enmity, Daima asked me to help you, I m doing that, I can’t see you hurt, please come with me to the hospital. She says I won’t go, I don’t care about myself. Everyone waits for Sofia. Dadi asks why didn’t Adi come back with you. Naira says he would be with Ritika. Yamini says Udit and Adi are having fun. Shekhar says Udit has gone to Goa, you know Adi. Ranav calls Adi and says his phone is not reachable. Paatali says they both are missing since Sofia came. Dadi says they will come by night. Paatali asks Ranav do you still think Sofia isn’t Bela. Yamini jokes. Paatali says something is wrong with Sofia, Ranav isn’t believing me, I have to do something and find out Sofia’s truth.

The episode ends