Bekaboo 22nd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Bela returns to take revenge


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The Episode starts with Bela crying for her baby’s loss. She gets up and says my fate, my husband and his family cheated me, I lost my everything, and today my baby also. She swears on the universe. She says I will kill those devils who ruined me. Dadi sees Bela’s pic. Paatali asks her to get ready, they have to leave. Dadi refuses. She says Bela left us nine months ago on this day. Paatali says yes, Bela died, I mean she left, Ranav breaks down seeing you, he is progressing in business, he is getting the best businessman award today. Paatali asks Dadi to move on and stop crying. At the annual business summit, Ranav is with his family. Ranav is awarded the businessman of the year award. The man says he has done a lot of charity, people want to hear out from Ranav. Ranav says someone told me to do good work, I m doing this for her, she is my wife. He gets shocked seeing Bela.

Bela comes with her team. Ranav says Bela. The lady says Sofia. The man calls another guy, Yatin Gandhi and his love Sofia. Ranav is shocked. Ranav finds out about Sofia. Paatali says she is Bela. Dadi goes to her. Bela acts. Yamini asks Sofia to model for them. Bela says no, I m here just for holidays. Yamini convinces her. They have drinks.

Bela passes the drink into Yatin’s glass. She says we will go to the hotel. Paatali and Yamini invite Sofia home. Paatali says Ranav, we can find her truth if she stays with us. Dadi prays. Bela comes home. Dadi says she has come. Bela greets her. She says haveli is beautiful.

Everyone comes. Bela asks Yatin to buy a heritage haveli for her. Yatin says as you wish, babes. He holds her close. Ranav looks on. Paatali asks the servant to keep the guest room ready. She asks one room or two. Bela says of course, one room, we will stay together. She goes. Yatin sees Ranav and smiles. Bela sees her room and thinks of Ranav. Maine ishq kiya…plays… She cries and recalls Ranav’s deceive. FB shows the village lady introducing Yatin Gandhi, who she has raised as her son. Yatin says my mum died at the time of my birth, I can’t forget my roots, I m lucky to get born here. Daima pulls his ears and says you have come here after a long time. She says Bela is like my daughter, much wrong happened with her, she got much hurt by her family, promise me, you will help her. He says sure. FB ends.

Bela gets freshen up. She puts a potli under the bed. Yamini comes. Bela thinks did she see. Yamini asks what are you doing in my room. Bela says I came here to use the washroom. Yamini says I told you, its upstairs. Bela says I m sorry, I m high. Yamini thinks why did she come to my room. She looks around. She thinks everything is fine. Yatin says we shall go. Bela says yes, I m a professional, I m doing the ad, I won’t change my contract and prices. Paatali nods. She says she is Bela, if she is acting, then she is doing amazing acting. Yamini says if she isn’t Bela then, our Bela’s heart was big, she was so good and true. Paatali says stop praising her, she is our enemy. Yamini says yes, but she was very nice. Paatali says then why did you try to kill her, this is not Sofia, she has come here by some motive, so I got her here to keep an eye on her. Ranav sees Bela and thinks of her. Bela and Yatin share the room.

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He says I will sleep on the couch, you sleep on the bed. She says you are doing a lot because of me, thanks. He says don’t say thanks, I will support you till the end, Daima, me and the fishermen’s locality is with you, don’t worry, you didn’t tell me, what they did with you, you can tell me whenever you want, Daima told me that bad happened with you, she asked me to help you, I won’t step back, I will be with you, but don’t make revenge your life’s aim, life is long and beautiful, I want you to live it, you get love in it. She says you have done a lot for me. He says don’t say sorry and thanks in friendship. Bela thinks I have to take revenge on Ranav and kill him, I don’t care I live or die, I have come back to kill him.

Ranav says my heart isn’t agreeing that she is Sofia, I feel she is Bela. He goes to see. He sees Yatin and Sofia sleeping together. He gets angry and leaves. Bela and Yatin get up. She says I m sorry, you had to do this because of me. She recalls seeing the moon and missing her Parilok. She says I broke mum’s heart and came here, what did I get in return, I will not leave anyone, I will kill all of them. She sees Ranav coming. He wakes up Yatin and says wake up, someone is coming to check our relation. FB ends. Yatin says we got saved today. She says we have to be careful, enemies are keeping an eye on us. She shits the window. Paatali and Yamini wait in the corridor. They ask Ranav what did he see, is she Bela, are they together. He says she isn’t Bela. Yamini laughs during sleep. Shekhar worries and asks are you planning to kill me. Bela recalls controlling a Rakshas by herbs. She thinks Yamini, your Kaal is coming soon, get ready to die.

The episode ends.