Bekaboo 19th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Devlika is reborn as Bela

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The Episode starts with Devlika stabbing herself. Parimaa shouts and asks her why did you do this, it’s a sin, you have to repent, you have to take birth on earth as a human, I will pray that you find your way to Parilok. Devlika dies. Kaka tells that the Rakshas was buried here, his brother’s statue was made here. The guy asks what happened of Ashwat, and what about Balka and his daughter, who is making these attacks. Kaka says maybe one of them is doing this. The guy asks did the Pari get reborn or did her story end. Kaka says its an inauspicious love story of a Rakshas and Pari, she will be born, the day she is born, the story will start again. After a leap of 8 years, a lady is in seen in labor. Her husband sits drinking. Someone comes to call him. He doesn’t listen. Daima delivers the baby. The lady asks why isn’t my daughter crying. Daima says she is stillborn. The man comes and asks why are you shouting. The lady says you are still drunk, God punished us, the daughter is stillborn. He asks her to take the baby’s dead body to his boss’ house and cry, maybe boss pities her and gives money. The lady curses her. He says I will take the baby. He takes the baby. He says I will throw the baby in the river. She says leave my baby. The lady says no, my daughter isn’t dead. The moonlight falls over the baby’s face. The baby starts crying. The man stops and sees the baby. The lady says she is alive. She hugs the baby.

She says you are my Pari, I will name you Bela. After few years, Bela is in her school. She talks to her friend. Gita sees the rotis in her tiffin and thinks to lie to everyone. Bela says you asked me to get tiffin for you, you can give me the rotis. Gita asks how do you know it. Bela says I know. At home, Bela sees her parents arguing. He thinks I have kept the money in socks in the cupboard. Bela hears what he is saying in heart. She gets the socks. The lady checks the socks and gets the money. Bela says I had seen dad hiding the money and got it. Her mum hugs her. After a year, story shifts to the year 2023. Bela comes to her college. She rushes to the stage. The girls are dancing. She says Mallika, your dad is coming. Mallika says you spoiled our rehearsal. She says Bela is my dad’s manager’s daughter. She asks Bela to perform on a cute dance song. Bela dances. Mallika says I have seen fairies doing this dance in the old movies. Bela reads their mind. The girls praise her dance. Bela says no one knows dance in my house. The girl says dance is in your blood. Bela says maybe I have seen a fairy dancing. She thinks I m surprised, I don’t know dance, how did I do this.

Bela recalls the past and wakes up from the dream. She sees the Parilok drawing she had made. Her mum comes and asks what happened. Bela says same dream again. The lady says stop writing stories of the magical world. Bela says I have written a love story of a Pari and Rakshas. Her mum says I wish you get scholarship for your studies, your dad won’t pay the fees. Bela says don’t cry, I promise, I will win. Bela sees Ashwat’s statue.

Her friend comes and says the competition is today. Bela says I will win it. Mallika says competition and all is not my type. Her BF Adi says my mom is the chief guest, if you win this competition, then my mom will be impressed. Mallika says I have to participate and impress Adi’s mom. Her friend says you don’t know any poetry. Mallika sees Bela and smiles. The inspector says two people were attacked in the jungle, we had to investigate and we are here at VIP function.

Adi’s mom is Balka’s daughter Yamini. The tempo driver Ranav says a cat is under the tempo, so I have stopped it. He goes and apologizes to her. He calls her Bua. He says the cat and kittens can get hurt. She says you went on your dad, who was my brother, he was a true person. She recalls Ashwat telling Pratham that he will die wherever Pratham dies. Pratham says we Rakshas will never die. Ashwat says I will die where you die, our relation is of blood, I will never let you go. Pratham says stop watching hindi movies. FB ends. She says he was a hero. Ranav thanks her. She sees the cats and scares them. The cats leave. She says problem solved. She leaves in her car.

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The guy asks who is she, Kaka. Kaka says she is one of the rich lady, she owns much land of this city, there are many secrets hidden. Mallika checks the sketches made by Bela. She says you wrote a poem also, it doesn’t exist. Her friend says it exists. Mallika says your poem is interesting, give it to me. Bela says no, my competition is imp for my mum, I will get scholarship. Mallika says I have to impress Adi’s mom, I will ask dad to pay your fees. Bela says I don’t want a favor. Mallika says we keep doing favors. Bela’s hand touches Ranav. She hears him praising Mallika’s beauty. Ranav thinks I love you Mallika. He goes to talk to her. Mallika goes.

Yamini comes on stage. Everyone claps. Yamini says I m staying in this city since years, I lost my two brothers, I got a nice husband and my three sons, I want to say, one should never lose courage. The competition begins. Mallika comes. She reads Bela’s story. Yamini recalls Ashwat and Devlika. She controls her anger. Everyone claps. Yamini thinks who is this girl. She says Mallika is the winner, I found her story true. Mallika gets the award. Adi says she is my friend, mom. Yamini says I want to meet her, invite her in the party tonight. Adi says you won my mum’s heart. She says I m happy. Adi sees Ranav. He goes and beats Ranav.

Ranav says sorry. Yamini’s sons beat him up. They leave. They see a girl saying she will take the jungle shortcut. Kaka says the Rakshas hide themselves, they eat the people and animals get defamed. Yamini’s son follow the girl to the jungle. They take their Rakshas avatar and chase the girl. She runs to save herself. She reaches the police. She tells everything. They leave from there. Yamini asks them why did you beat Ranav, just scare them, but don’t beat him. Ranav cries at Ashwat’s statue. Yamini says Ashwat left his entire property to Ranav, don’t kill him. The girl uploads the video and tells about the three demons in the jungle. Yamini gets angry and shows the video to her sons. She scolds them for sparing the girl.

She says Devtas didn’t give us a right to stay on earth, we will get caught and land in the hell, people are scared of us, do wrong like animals have done it. She catches Adi’s neck and hurts him. She scolds him. Her husband comes and asks why are you so angry. She says because I have married a human like you, so my sons have human traits in them. He reminds her of her brothers’ death. She says never say what happened with Ashwat. He says you look romantic in anger, when Ranav becomes a Rakshas, what will you do, you know his blood. She says I know. Ranav says nobody tells me about you, your elder brother always stood for you.

She says Ranav has their blood, if he gets Ashwat and Pratham’s blood, then he can become a dangerous monster, we have to control him. The man says either your dad, brother or Ranav can get the Astra. Ranav says I felt there is something, like someone is with me. Bela says mum will be upset, I lost the competition, why do I feel that I have a connection with that world. The sketch flies off. Ranav gets it.

The guy asks what about their love story. Kaka says one was buried here and other took birth, I m sure that they will meet again.

Yamini’s son plan to attack some girl. Ranav fights them. Bela says who will give ne my answers. She sees the sketch and recalls the past.