Bekaaboo…Uncontrolled love… Zain Shivangi Karan Jotwani Mohsin PreeJun SS Part 4

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Bekaaboo…Uncontrolled love…Part 4

Yamini jumped upon Kavya.

Suddenly somebody pulled Yamini back forcefully and pushed her down.

He was Pratham. Kavya could not believe her eyes.Because Pratham also appeared to be a demon.

Yamini shouted:Pratham!You can’t do this to me.

Pratham:I am also a demon.But I am not a bad demon like you.Leave Kavya and go.

Yamini:No.I won’t leave Kavya.

Pratham:If so I will not spare you.

Yamini jumped upon Pratham to attack him.But Pratham attacked her back.It was a horrifying scene for Kavya.Finally Yamini fell down weak.Pratham transformed into a human again.

Kavya shed tears:What’s happening here?

Suddenly Pratham took a liquid bottle from his pocket and ran towards Kavya.He collected her tear drops in thar bottle.Kavya was confused.Pratham put the tear drops in the weak Yamini’s mouth.

Pratham:A fairy’s tear drops are magical and powerful enough to snatch the evil powers of a demon.So now onwards you are a powerless and weak demon Yamini.

Yamini cried.

Pratham:You deserved it.Because you kicked me out and lied to Ashwat that I don’t love him.You treated Ashwat like a dirt and made him his slave.Poor Ashwat doesn’t even know what he did under your spell.You tried to do another sin by trying to eat up a lovely fairy to fulfill your greed.

Pratham looked at Kavya and cupped her face.

Pratham:Are you alright Kavya?


Pratham took his hands off her face.

Pratham:I knew that Yamini was trying to trap you using Ashwat.That’s why I followed both of you.Because I wanted to save you and my dearest brother Ashwat.

Kavya was surprised:Ashwat is your brother?But why did he behave as if he does’nt know you?

Pratham:Because he is under Yamini’s spell.So he is not in his senses.He cannot recognize me.He doesn’t even know what he is doing.

Kavya’s eyes became teary.

Kavya:I am sorry for misunderstanding you Pratham.

Pratham:It’s ok Kavya.

Kavya touched the bruises on his face.They got healed immediately. Pratham smiled.

Kavya:Because of me …to save me,you got hurt.I have to do atleast this much for you.I was worried whether my magical powers will work as Yamini made me have the poisonous icecream.

Pratham:Yamini lost all her powers.Thus you got your powers back.

Kavya:Thank you Pratham.

Pratham:Thank you to you too.

Pratham walked towards Ashwat who was motionless.Pratham’s eyes became wet.

Kavya touched Ashwat.Ashwat became normal.Seeing Pratham,Ashwat became emotional.


They hugged each other.

Pratham:You remember me now?

Ashwat:Yes.Why did you ask me like that?

Pratham:Because you were under Yamini’s clutches and you had lost your memory.

Ashwat was shocked.

Ashwat:Yamini is so cruel.When I realised that you were kicked out of the house in my absence I reacted.So she did some black magic on me.After that I don’t know what happened.

Pratham:It’s ok.Don’t worry.Because Yamini cannot do anything to both of us.She is powerless now.

Pratham showed Yamini lying down weak.Ashwat waa shocked.Suddenly he saw Kavya.

Ashwat:Who is this?

Kavya did not feel bad that Ashwat forgot her as she realised that whatever happened between her and Ashwat was equal to illusion.

Kavya:I am a fairy.

Pratham:She only made you normal.

Ashwat smiled at Kavya:Thank you very much.

Kavya just smiled.

Kavya:Everything is fine now.Now I am going back home.

Pratham:I will drop you home for your safety.

Kavya:I am a fairy.I can protect himself.

Pratham smiled.

Kavya:By the way…I thought that demons are bad.But you made me realise that demons can also have heart..demons can also be angelic.

Pratham smiled.

Kavya:If possible keep in touch with me as I don’t want to lose a demon friend.

Pratham smiled.

Kavya walked away.

Ashwat smiled at Pratham.

Ashwat:Bhai…is she your love?

Pratham smiled remembering seeing Kavya for the first time and said:Yes.

Ashwat smiled:I am so happy for you Bhai.

He hugged Pratham.




Kavya was thinking of the happenings she faced.

Kavya:What i faced was totally unexpected.I had a narrow escape.If Pratham was not there i would not have been alive.

Pratham rang her up.

Pratham:I am Pratham.

Kavya was surprised.


Pratham:I got your number from Ashwat’s  phone.Are you alright?

Kavya:You rescued me from a rakshasi.So I will be alright.Right?

Pratham:I was not talking about that.You came here to meet Ashwat with lots of dreams.But what happened was something else.I know that you are upset.

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Kavya:My heart was wounded.But as I am a fairy i could heal my wounded heart.Don’t worry.I have accepted the fact that whatever happened between me and Ashwat was not real,but an illusion created by Yamini.I am happy that I escaped from a fake relationship. We were never meant for each other.So I don’t feel sad at all.

Pratham:Are you sure?


Pratham smiled with relief.



Gradually Kavya and Pratham got closer through phone calls.




After a month….

Kavya was thinking of Pratham.

Kavya:Why am i thinking of Pratham?Am i feeling for him?Earlier my heart got drawn towards Ashwat and what I got in return was only pain.I should not let the history repeat.Pratham should be only my friend.

Preeta went near Kavya.

Preeta:Are you thinking of Adarsh?

Kavya:No.I was thinking of a Rakshas.

Preeta was shocked:Demons are the biggest enemies of fairies.Then why are you thinking of demons?

Kavya:Not demons..I am thinking of one Rakshas..Pratham.Because he is very nice.

Preeta was shocked.

Preeta:Never!A rakshas can never be nice.So stop thinking of that rakshas.

Kavya:He is not bad Mumma.If i am alive now is only because of him.

Preeta was shocked:What do you mean?

Kavya:A rakshasi tried to eat me up to increase her powers.But a nice rakshas named Pratham rescued me.

Preeta was shocked and scared.

Preeta:This much happened in your life?

Kavya:Relax mumma.I am alright.

Preeta:Don’t keep any contact with a rakshas.What if Pratham saved you from that rakshasi so that he can eat you to be powerful?

Kavya:If he had that intention he would have eaten me that time itself mumma.He is really nice.

Preeta was confused.

Kavya:Mumma…you sacrificed your powers and became a human being to be with dad.Will i have to do that when i get married?

Preeta:No.Because you are a fairy in human form unlike me.I always wanted you to be a normal human being.I was upset when i discovered that you were a fairy.But later i realised that if you can get happiness by using your angelic powers i should not mind it.But i think you should tell Adarsh that you are a fairy.He should accept you as you are like your dad accepted me.

Kavya:What if a pari marries a rakshas?

Preeta was shocked by her question.

Preeta:What nonsense are you asking Kavya?

How can a Pari marry her enemy rakshas?

Kavya:What if that rakshas is not that pari’s enemy,but her saviour and a best friend?

Preeta waa stunned.

Preeta:Are you talking about Pratham?Did you start loving Pratham?Then what about Adarsh?

Kavya:I don’t know whether I love Pratham or not.But I don’t love Adarsh.

Preeta was shocked.

Arjun who came that way heard it with a shock.

Arjun:What?You don’t love Adarsh?

Kavya:No.I don’t love Adarsh.It was just a misunderstanding that I also love him.

Arjun:But who is this new character Pratham?

Preeta told Arjun everything about Pratham.He was shocked.

Arjun was irritated:If you don’t want to marry Adarsh i will not force you to marry him.You should talk to Adarsh about it.Pratham maybe good.But I can’t take any risk by getting my daughter married to a rakshas.

Preeta:Yes.. right.

Kavya felt upset.

Kavya:I am not thinking of marrying Pratham like you both think.But like you all fear Pratham is not bad.Don’t judge him easily just because he was born as a rakshas.Because though a rakshas,he lives like a human being.

Kavya walked away.Arjun and Preeta were upset.

Preeta:What’s happening Arjun?I can’t bear this.I am really worried.

Arjun:You don’t worry Preeta.Kavya us not madly in love with that rakshas like you fear.She herself cleared it.

Preeta:I hope so.But I feel that she is hiding her feelings for that rakshas Pratham.

Arjun was upset.

Preeta:But I will not allow my daughter to take the wrong route and be in danger because of a demon.

Arjun held her hand and said:I am with you in this Preeta.

She nodded.



Kavya met Adarsh.

Kavya:Adarsh…my words may hurt you.But please try to accept the truth.

Adarsh:What are you saying Kavya?

Kavya:I don’t love you.I can’t marry you.

Adarsh was shocked.