Barsatein 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Reyansh’s surprise for Aradhna


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The Episode starts with Vikram talking to Pooja on call. He says I will talk to you later. Reyansh says I don’t want to hear anything. Vikram says you were speaking to Aradhna rudely. Reyansh says she wants to stop the marriage, you have to help me. Vikram says I came here for your sake. Reyansh says you are my friend, listen to me, Aradhna is after Jindals, they had nothing with them a few years back, there are gaps in their family history, Beena’s memory is sharp, Jindals are fooling Viren. Vikram asks are you hurt. Reyansh says I m doing this for Aradhna, we will become thieves. Vikram says no, stop it. Arnab says we will have beer and stare at the girls. Komal calls him a loser. Viren says children don’t like this Sangeet, they want a DJ, they want English beats. Malini says some songs are shagun, sorry. Aradhna sees Viren. She thinks to apologize to Viren and Malini, and win their trust again.

She goes to Viren and apologizes. He says its okay, you did that for Kimaya, your prenup idea wasn’t bad, I got the papers ready, don’t be surprised, Malini shouldn’t know, she will scold us, Angad is ready to sign the papers. She says you can play safe. He says if Malini catches me, then I will tell your name. Angad and his parents come. Alka greets them. She taunts Aradhna. Alka says we want to prepone the marriage, I want to talk to the family. Malini goes. Alka says baba ji said we have to keep the marriage tomorrow. Viren asks how can this happen, CM and politicians are coming. Jindal says you don’t respect our word.

Alka says keep a small function tomorrow, you can throw the reception after 3 days. Malini says okay, we will manage. Viren says okay then. Aradhna looks on. She thinks they preponed the marriage, how shall I expose them. She calls some source. She sees Reyansh. Arnab comes. She says you ran away, I regret, I m not interested in cowards. Komal jokes. Arnab says I m a lover, not a fighter. Reyansh flirts with him. Arnab runs away. Viren says play dhol, its Kimaya’s marriage. Everyone dances. Reyansh also dances. Aradhna looks on and smiles. She goes to Malini.

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She says sometimes life teaches you a big lesson, and you doubt every relation, Kimaya is like my younger sister, I didn’t want the same thing to happen with her. She cries. Malini says I m not upset with you, life hurts everyone, you still have love in you, Kimaya is your sister, so you are my daughter, stop crying, smile, I made a lehenga for you. Aradhna hugs her. She changes and comes. Reyansh looks at her. Aradhna and Reyansh argue. She says Jindals are keeping the marriage tomorrow. He says see the gift, you will like it. He pulls her close. They dance on Ankhon ki gustakhiyaan… She says I won’t like the gift. Reyansh says you want to see it now. Aradhna says no. Arnab dances with Kriti. Reyansh asks did you forget smiling, you will like the gift, its about Jindals. Aradhna stops him and asks what is it. He says you didn’t believe me. She asks him to show the gift. He calls out Vikram. They go to the storeroom. He says you will get your gift here, come. She says you can lock me there. He asks her to go straight. She smiles seeing….

Alka says Angad will get the bride tomorrow. Sunaina says we have kept a puja. Reyansh takes everyone to the storeroom.