Barsatein 7th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Angad agrees to sign the prenup


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The Episode starts with Aradhna asking Angad to sign the papers. Reyansh intervenes and says women have a plan to bound the men, but Angad, you don’t leave your freedom, be a man, tell Kimaya, you are scared of commitment, you don’t want to sign the prenup. She confuses Angad. Sunaina says Angad will name his entire property to Kimaya. Reyansh says don’t bend down to a woman because she wants, bend it down when you want. He sees Aradhna. Angad says you are right, I can sign the prenup for Kimaya. Reyansh says I m proud of you. Malini asks why did this matter come this way. She takes Aradhna with her and asks why did you do this drama, you came here to create a problem in my daughter’s life. Aradhna says I did this for Kimaya, I want her to stay safe. Malini asks what happened that you lost faith. She asks did you learn this from your mum, why don’t you understand the imp of relations. Aradhna recalls Harsh’s words.

Aradhna gets angry and says you want to know what did my mum teach me that I lost faith in love and relations, do you have courage to hear the truth, you want to know who is my mum, fine, I will tell you today, my mum… Angad and Kimaya come. Angad says I love Kimaya a lot, she said marriage means safety to her, I can do anything for her, I will sign the papers. Aradhna thinks your parents are a big threat, I m happy, your love for Kimaya is true, but I have to keep your parents’ truth in front of you. She says sorry, I would like to tell you the truth some day, but believe me, Kimaya’s happiness means to me. She goes. Its morning, Aradhna jogs in the rain. Reyansh follows her. She thinks will Angad support Kimaya, I have to think well and take a step. Reyansh thinks she could have taken my help, but she is adamant like this rain. Beena says you didn’t need to do this drama in engagement function, will Viren take you back in his office. Aradhna says I don’t know. Beena asks what’s the need, you came here to find your mum, find her.

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She says I want Kimaya’s safety. She talks to Beena. Reyansh says Aradhna said she doesn’t need any hero, why shall I become a hero. Vivek says one becomes hero by need, you said Aradhna’s life got messed up, you change yourself, stand in front of her like a shield. Reyansh says like you think for Kadambari. Vivek says I love her, its not her fault, you also keep the love, don’t stop trying, I will do the same, I m going back home with a faith that Kadambari will come back to me. They hug. Reyansh says take care.

At office, Reyansh and Aradhna argue. He says I m the boss here. Aradhna says I will expose Jindals, I won’t let Kimaya get stuck in between those criminals. Reyansh jokes. She goes. He stops her. She says I m going to hell, will you come. He says its my fav place, I can come with you, don’t chase Jindals, they got you attacked twice, they are dangerous. She says you don’t explain me. He holds her close. She pushes him. His hand touches a vase and gets wounded. She sees the bleeding and worries. She scolds him. She does the aid. Tripathi comes. She asks him to apply the ointment. She goes.

Reyansh says Aradhna is after Jindals. Malini says you are my daughter. Reyansh says I got a gift for you. He surprises Aradhna.