Barsatein 6th September 2023 Written Episode Update


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Reyansh recalls Aradhana’s words while he going somewhere. He gets upset and angry at himself. He then feels someone is following him so he attempts to hit that person but it’s turns out to be Vivek. Vivek teases Reyansh for the latter getting scared. He then inquires Reyansh about Aradhana. Reyansh makes faces so Vivek hugs him. He then assures Reyansh that he will talk to Aradhana for him. Beena arrives there and suggests Reyansh to have a coffee in his café. Reyansh and Vivek agrees.

There, Kimaya and Angad shares some romantic moment while the former gets upset for not looking pretty. Aradhana arrives and suggests to take interview of Kimaya and Angad. They both agrees. Meanwhile, Beena inquires Vivek whether the latter met his son. Vivek says yes and addresses Reyansh as Reyansh and calls him as his son. Reyansh gets tensed while Beena looks confused. Reyansh pretends to look confused but then indirectly shares his plan with Vivek stating that Vivek is Reyansh Lamba and his son’s name is Ankush and his name is Vikram. He further tells that his son is busy in Khanna’s wedding preparations.

Been shows her disinterest about Kimaya’s marriage also talks about the Jindal’s who are dangerous. Reyansh gets shocked and pries information from Beena about the Jindal’s. Beena informs because of Viren Alka’s brother ended his life by commiting suicide because Viren sent Alka’s brother to prison. Reyansh gets shocked. He then convinces Beena to attend Kimaya’s wedding as Vivek’s date. Beena agrees.

Later, the worker informs Aradhana about Reyansh’s instructions but Reyansh arrives and asks the worker to follow Aradhana’s instructions. The worker agrees then leaves. Reyansh then warns Aradhana about the Jindal’s being dangerous people also their continuous attempt to harm her. Aradhana refuses to listen to Reyansh and accuses him of trying to snatch her story from her. She then warns Reyansh to not interfere or else she will expose his true identity. Just then Vivek arrives there with Beena. He addresses Vikram as his son. Reyansh signs at Vikram. Vikram as Ankush also pretends to act Vivek’s son. He then introduces Vivek to the Khanna family. Vivek introduces himself as Reyansh Lamba. Sunaina worries that Aradhana may expose their lies so Reyansh asks her to stop Aradhana.

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Aradhana goes on the stage and praises Vivek by addressing him as Reyansh Lamba. Reyansh and his people get relieved . After the speech Reyansh thanks Aradhana. Vivek meets Aradhana and advises her to not lose herself because of what happened with her in the past. He also gifts her a chain as a blessing. Aradhana thanks him.

Later, Aradhana plays the videos of the interview she took from the Khanna’s family for Kimaya’s wedding. Angad, Kiki and Koko shares their perspective about marriage. Aradhana questions Kimaya and Angad about signing prenup agreement. Alka and Naresh creates a scene also decides to call off the wedding. Kimaya cries hard. Aradhana questions Angad for not taking a stand for Kimaya. Viren supports Aradhana and tells the Jindal’s that they were overreacting. Alka looks on furious.

Precap: Reyansh advises Angad. Malini questions Aradhana about her bitterness towards life. Aradhana decides to tell Malini the reason behind her actions.