Barsatein 5th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Reyansh asks for a chance


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The Episode starts with Reyansh saying she loved me and I cheated her love. He spins the bottle. Aradhna’s turn comes. Arnab asks her who does she want to kiss, marry and slap. He says choose between Ankush, Vikram and me. Reyansh says I will give you a kiss. Arnab says don’t get touchy. Aradhna says I will give a kiss to Ankush, he is my good friend, I don’t want to marry, and slap… I would like to slap the two of you. She asks someone else to slap them. She says there is mehendi on my hand. Reyansh pats Arnab. He says I have hit him and myself also. Aradhna says he is our editor, he moulds all the stories his way. Vikram’s turn comes. Arnab asks why do you get alert when Vikram’s name comes. Vikram says don’t ask mad things. Kriti’s turn comes. Her friend says propose Vikram. Kriti says how will I. Arnab says yes, come. Kriti gets up. Reyansh says no, I can’t see a girl bending down. Sunaina jokes. Reyansh sees Aradhna and says I never tried to understand love, when I tried now, I just saw your face, you have loved a toxic guy and made him a better person, I want to change for you, give me one chance, be with me, be mine. Kriti smiles. Arnab says I will also copy this para.

Vivek is on the way. He says Reyansh and Vikram’s phones aren’t reachable. Reyansh’s turn comes. Aradhna says you think love can happen where cheat is done. Reyansh says yes, one can forgive and forget everything. She says I don’t think so, it can’t be forgiven and forgotten. Reyansh gets sad and goes. They all go to dance.

Reyansh cries seeing Aradhna. Sunaina also cries seeing him. Aradhna thinks to find the proof from Alka’s phone. She takes her phone. Vivek comes to the bakery. He collides with Beena. She says you are so handsome. He smiles. He says I came to meet my son, Reyansh Lamba. She says no. She argues with Rajan. Vivek says I will carry on. She asks him to have the fudge. Reyansh takes Aradhna away. They argue.

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He says its not right to blame Jindals. She says Sunaina told you, she is your friend. He says I don’t want you to get hurt. She says I got hurt already, you mind your own business. Vivek and Beena have a talk. He says you have made good coffee, your husband is a lucky man. She says was, he passed away, I talk to this stool. She talks. Arnab says get cold drink for me. Aradhna calls him out. She says I was feeling bored, shall we go on a drive. Arnab says come. They go.

Alka comes and asks for her phone. Reyansh says oops, sorry, my phone cover is also same. Arnab says I had a dream to go out with you. He holds her hand. She scolds him. The men stop Arnab and ask him to get down the car. Aradhna argues with the men. Arnab says she is my wife, why do you ask. The men catch him. Aradhna tries to stop them. They beat Arnab. Arnab leaves her alone and runs away.

Reyansh gets angry and says Aradhna has gone with Arnab. Sunaina worries. The men threaten Aradhna and ask her to stop spying. She says I m not scared of anyone, do anything you want. She gets inside the car and fights them. Reyansh comes there and stops the man. He says you have an affair with my wife. The man says we are policemen. Aradhna says he is lying. Reyansh beats him. He scolds them and asks where did Arnab run away. The man says we won’t know. Reyansh asks him to run away. He asks what happened, you can’t get rescued without me, did Arnab run away. Aradhna says I don’t need him or you, I was dealing with them. He says I m not jealous, I completely trust you. She scolds him. She leaves.

Reyansh lies to Beena. Aradhna says I want you all to meet the real Reyansh.