Barsatein 4th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Aradhna learns Jindal’s truth


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The Episode starts with Aradhna taking the interviews. Reyansh comes and sees Aradhna. O saajna mere…plays… She goes. Reyansh goes after her. He says Aradhna is diabetic, she doesn’t eat sweets. She asks are you my mummy. He says you don’t know who is your mummy. She asks how can anyone be so insensitive. Kimaya does makeup. She says I don’t think I can get confident like Kriti. Reyansh compliments Kriti. Arnab flirts with Aradhna. Reyansh looks on and flirts with Kriti. Sunaina laughs hearing Arnab. Aradhna asks why are the toxic guys in my fate. Sunaina wishes her all the best. Malini sees Aradhna and asks how are you now. Aradhna says I m fine now. Malini says you called me mumma yesterday, it suits you. She smiles. Aradhna says I… Malini says you miss your mumma, right, I can understand, you are here, think its your family.

Aradhna thinks I have to know the truth if Kimaya has to go to Jindal family. She goes to Alka. She says we will do the interview of groom’s parents. She asks them to say something about their Bahu. Alka and her husband praise Kimaya. Aradhna says thanks, done, I will remove the mic. They go. Aradhna thinks I will keep an eye on you, its about Kimaya’s happiness. She wears the headphones. She hears them talking via the spy bug. She learns their real intentions. Alka says its good, you got the idol before time, this girl is very clever, how long will this drama go on, Kimaya is so ugly. He says stop it, we have to send the idol out of city, else Aradhna. He sees the bug. He sees Aradhna and goes to her. She removes the headphone and asks Arnab to hear the dreamgirl song, its happening. She recalls seeing them. Alka’s husband Jindal says you go deep in the interviews. She acts of listening to music. He goes away and shouts Aradhna. He says I have this mic, how will you take the interview. She thanks him.

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Arnab says we will dance. Aradhna says I will see camera setup and come. Aradhna thinks Jindals are criminals, who shall I tell about them. Sunaina says Aradhna thinks Jindals are involved in idol scam. Reyansh asks what, its dangerous to fight with them. She asks what will you do, she is adamant.

Alka recalls Viren getting her brother Naagender Nath caught and exposed. She says I will defame Kimaya. Viren and Malini ask them to come. Komal says I feel Vikram and Reyansh have a romantic story, look there, he is seeing Aradhna. She asks Kriti to see. Reyansh sees Aradhna and signs of love. Arnab sees him. Reyansh signs Arnab and teases him. Arnab says don’t come close to me. Kriti says Vikram was telling Arnab. Arnab asks Aradhna to keep smiling. Reyansh threatens him. Aradhna asks Komal to come and make the temperature normal. Arnab says someone save me. Komal saves him. Kriti says we will play a truth or dare game, the truth will come out. Reyansh says okay then, lets play, face the truth.

They all play the game. Kriti asks Reyansh about his ex. Reyansh tells about his love. He thinks of Aradhna. He says only lucky people get such love, the one who loses it is unlucky. Everyone claps. Aradhna looks at him.

Reyansh says I want to change for you, I want one chance. Aradhna says one can’t forgive until that cheat is remembered.