Barsatein 3rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Aradhna and Reyansh’s ulterior motives


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The Episode starts with Reyansh saying I want that video deleted at any cost. Aradhna gets Malini’s call. She goes to Reyansh and shows the incoming call. She taunts him. She says I will tell her the truth, she will hate me, but even your marriage will break, you won’t succeed in your plan. She goes and thinks Reyansh will lose. Malini scolds Aradhna for cheating her. She says don’t know who is your mum, your mum didn’t give you a right upbringing, you ashamed her and came here, so you are alone. Kriti says mom, she won’t go like this. Malini says I won’t be quiet now, get out. She drags Aradhna out of the house. Jai says Aradhna lost everything today. Reyansh says she hates me and doesn’t want to marry me, she asked me to marry Kimaya, I will hate Kadambari, her lover and Aradhna. Jai asks what about Kimaya, what’s her mistake in all this. Reyansh says you know dad has suffered a lot, because of that man, his name is Viren Khanna, and now Kimaya will know the pain of staying in a loveless marriage, I ruined Aradhna’s life, I came after her, she refused me, she broke my heart, Kadambari and Aradhna have broken my heart, now I will take my revenge. Malini asks Aradhna to get out. Aradhna says you are right, I m shameless and characterless, Reyansh is also there in the video, you are getting Kimaya married to you, he has lied to you, why is he marrying Kimaya, think. Malini says right, I won’t let Kimaya get trapped with a wrong person, get out. Aradhna cries and says now Reyansh wont get a place in this house. Reyansh says I don’t deserve her. Jai says yes, she is a nice girl, don’t lose her, she deserves to stay happy. Reyansh says go and keep her happy, leave me on my state, she can go if she wants. Vivek comes and says you don’t need to hide anything, don’t destroy yourself. Jai says yes, she has lost her job, where will she go. Reyansh throws his credit card and says ask her to use this and go away, let me burn in this fire. He goes.

Aradhna is on the way. She recalls Malini’s words. Someone pulls her inside the car. Malini says Reyansh, this marriage can’t happen, do you know what’s true love, Aradhna has used my affection and what did you get. Kimaya says I saw Aradhna and Reyansh closer. Kriti says its Aradhna’s plan, she deserves hell. Viren asks what’s his plan, why is he doing this. Reyansh says I leaked that video last year, Aradhna and I loved each other madly. Aradhna says he hates you, and also your relation with Kadambari. Reyansh says its true, I loved Aradhna a lot. Kriti asks why Reyansh, I knew about you and Aradhna, I thought you want to move on with Kimaya. Kimaya says it means you came here for Aradhna. He says yes. Malini says enough, this marriage won’t happen. Kimaya says I m such a loser. Reyansh says I will leave if you say, I want to tell the truth, why I agreed for this marriage. Aradhna says he wants revenge on you for his dad’s tears, Kadambari married Vivek but never loved him, Reyansh grew in hatred. Reyansh says my mum never loved dad, my childhood was spoilt, that man left my mum, but my mum never left that man, I m my mum’s son, I can’t forget Aradhna and will always love her, I m heartless, I wasn’t sure if I will get Aradhna, then she cheated on me, I was mistaken and I leaked the MMS, she came here and I came here to apologize to her, she didn’t forgive me. Viren says I understood Reyansh loves you. Aradhna says yes, he saw you and Kadambari together and understood who you are, so he decided to take revenge on Kimaya. Malini says you were broken, you wanted to have a relation with Kimaya. Reyansh drops the glass.

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He says we are broken and can join each other, everyone moves on over the past, Kimaya and I want to move on. Malini says you are right, Viren and I didn’t love each other, but we have our daughters and we are very happy today. Reyansh says I never got this happiness in my family. He asks Kimaya will you give me a normal family. Kimaya says yes, and hugs him. Aradhna says Kimaya has gone much ahead, she won’t listen to me. Viren says not even me, this marriage will stop on your saying, save my daughter, you can stop Reyansh, only you. Malini says I will get Kimaya and Reyansh’s marriage done. She hugs them. Reyansh and Jai have a talk. Jai says you are so mad, how long will you keep this fake relation. Reyansh says all life, like my mum did, its Viren’s turn, his daughter and family will suffer.

Reyansh applies mehendi to Kimaya. Jai confesses love to Aradhna. He argues with Kriti and leaves.