Barsatein 31st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Mayank lies to Reyansh


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The Episode starts with Mayank joking on Reyansh. He says you have an affair with your boss, his dad has a news channel, oh, my innocent ex is having an affair with her boss, the guy is smart, intelligent and little mad like me. She says you called Revati to the room, tell me where did you hide the camera. He says there is no camera, I m not like before. She sees the phone camera on. He says give me my phone. She says it’s a proof against you. She throws it and breaks it. She slaps him and asks for pics. She says give the pics, else I will call the police.

He gives the pics. She checks. She says I hope you don’t have the copies, you won’t go close to Revati, I won’t let you ruin her life, get lost. She leaves. He says I won’t ruin Revati’s life. Aradhna gets Reyansh’s call. He asks where are you. She lies again. She asks are we meeting tomorrow. He says I m stuck in a storm, this time rains got everything and would take everything. He drinks. Vikram calls Reyansh. Reyansh doesn’t answer right. Mayank gives the room keys. Reyansh asks why did you come to meet Aradhna. Mayank lies to him. Reyansh says stay away from her. Mayank says so you are Reyansh Lamba, you are her boss, I m proud of her. Reyansh asks are you blackmailing her, she can’t lie to me. Mayank asks why, she is a girl, she can lie easily. Reyansh asks why did she come here. Mayank misleads him.

Reyansh punches him. Mayank says you have so much pain, I thought you know it, maybe she is playing safe, you are her boss, she wants both of us. Reyansh says she isn’t like that. Mayank says she is yours, you marry her, she told me that she likes toxic broken guys. Reyansh beats him. Mayank says you shouldn’t love her, she did too bad with you. Reyansh leaves. Aradhna says sorry to lie to mum and dad, and Reyansh, its not my secret, I couldn’t tell this without asking Revati. Reyansh calls her. She says I value my love, Mayank was never right for you, Reyansh is right for me, I m lucky to get him, I got everything, I lied today, when I tell him everything, he will understand.

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Reyansh comes to office and scolds a man. The man says Aradhna is a liar, did nyone come in our house or family. Revati sees the pics. She says he gave you the pics, just like that. Aradhna says I know him well. Revati thanks her for saving her life. She says you are very brave, Krishnan was always impressed with you, you have managed it. The man brainwashes Reyansh against Aradhna. Aradhna says my dad saved me from Mayank. Revati says you are lucky. Aradhna says best of luck, start a new life. Reyansh asks the guard to throw the man out.

Reyansh calls Aradhna. She lies to him again. He says go home, wait for me, I m coming. He gets angry. He says your mum and dad will be proud of you, I m coming, you will know it. He plays a videogame. Sunaina comes to call him for meeting. He says I don’t have time. She says I think a big storm is coming. He says it has come.

Aradhna comes home and says Reyansh is coming, I got the snacks. Harsh asks them to keep some formality. She says he is Reyansh, please don’t make the mood off. He says guy is nice, but we didn’t talk to him. She says he is coming to talk. He says they are rich people. She hugs him and says I m sure, you are the most imp, it will happen as you want, you and mumma are the biggest asset for me, I m marry when you say yes. Bhakti asks Harsh to come and pray. Reyansh bumps his car somewhere. He shouts and asks Aradhna to come down. She says you come here.


Reyansh asks Harsh can I take Aradhna with me to the office. Reyansh breaks up with Aradhna.