Barsatein 31st August 2023 Written Episode Update: Reyansh protects Aradhna


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The Episode starts with Komal saying maybe Aradhna and Vikram have an affair. Kriti says yes, they go to office, I have seen intensity between them. Komal asks did you kidnap Aradhna. Reyansh asks Aradhna to open her eyes. He knocks the door. Vikram asks did Arnab do this. Komal says no, I had added stomach upset pills in his lassi, he would be in the toilet. Vikram laughs. Sunaina says good, he will be busy. Arnab says Komal did this. He runs to washroom. Komal and girls find Angad and Kimaya kissing. Komal teases them. They ask Komal to leave. Komal says Aradhna and Vikram are worried. Kimaya says Sunaina was finding them. She asks Angad to come. Angad says there is tension since Aradhna came. Malini hears the sound and goes to check. Reyansh shouts. Malini opens the door. Sunaina and Vikram say we are finding Vikram. Arnab jokes on him. He says I know there is something. Vikram asks him not to go. Arnab says leave me, let me go. He runs to washroom. Reyansh says thank God you have come. Malini sees Aradhna. She asks Reyansh to get water. She gives her insulin. Everyone comes. Kriti finds Reyansh hurt. Malini says call the doctor, her sugar got high, I gave her injection, she should feel better. Aradhna wakes up. She says you saved me, you know I m diabetic like you. Reyansh says she had alcohol instead water. Malini says take her to guest room, lift her. Aradhna says I don’t have to go anywhere with you, I m not a helpless woman, go from here. Reyansh says come. She says no, you like to save me. Malini and Vikram take her. She asks how do you feel now. Aradhna hugs her and cries. Malini consoles her. She asks her to sleep.

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Aradhna lies to sleep. She stops Malini and says don’t go mumma. Malini cries. Aradhna sleeps. Kimaya asks Alka are you leaving. Alka says yes, we will go now. Kimaya says Aradhna is found, she had fainted. Alka says stay away from her. She hides the things. Kimaya says Aradhna was locked in the storeroom. Alka asks her to go and sleep.

Aradhna wakes up and sees Reyansh. She asks what are you doing here. She says no, I m watching a dream, how can Reyansh be here. Alka and Naresh leave. Aradhna sees Reyansh again and says just leave me. Reyansh thinks I know you hate me, I have given you these problems, I will fix it, they attacked you, I will protect you. Alka says there was risk, I got the idol from there in time. Naresh says get rid of her. Aradhna asks are you really there. Reyansh says no, I m a bad dream. She says yes, you are showing attitude in dream also, I should sleep, else I will go mad. She lies to sleep. She says I wanted to see you in every dream, and now you have become my bad dream. Reyansh thinks yes, I will keep an eye on you and I m your family from now. Mai teri hogaiyaan…plays… Its morning, Reyansh comes to Aradhna and says she looks calm when she sleeps. Aradhna says no, it was a dream. He keeps coffee and goes. She wakes up and asks who kept this coffee, was Reyansh really here, he will make me mad.

Aradhna says I got a lead on the idols, Malini can’t be involved. Sunaina asks why are you saying that, like she is your relative. Aradhna says I will never forgive Reyansh.