Barsatein 30th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Aradhna hurts Reyansh’s sentiments


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The Episode starts with Aradhna saying I will enjoy my Sangeet. She plays dhol. Malini and Bhakti dance with her. Aradhna gets dizzy. Jai holds her. He asks Aradhna to stop it now. Kriti says Jai saved her. She says Reyansh has bought this society, you all will know the result of giving the society to him, he can buy you all, but not me. Reyansh and Jai start arguing. Nita looks on. Bhakti asks Reyansh to leave. She takes Aradhna with her. Kriti and Varun talk about Aradhna. She says Aradhna is very smart, her plan is very big, she has trapped both the guys, what say, lets eliminate the competition. He says Jai is my brother. She says so what, I m no one to you. He says I like older women. She says I m not so old, what will I get in return. He says I m always there to help, I just like entertainment in life, watch me. She says lovely. Bhakti apologizes to Nita. Harsh talks to the neighbors. Jai smiles seeing Aradhna coming. Din shagna da….plays… Varun goes and gets Jai’s phone. He messages Reyansh to come and meet him. He thinks sorry. Reyansh thinks he wants to lecture me. Kriti says mom is calling you. Aradhna says I was going to tell you. Kriti says okay, you can solve all the problems, don’t worry, the food is good here, people will go happy. Aradhna goes. Varun locks Aradhna and Reyansh. He messages Kriti. Aradhna asks did you call me. Reyansh says no, Jai called me. She says I don’t want to talk, don’t lie. He says I did that for us. She says don’t say that. Varun and Kriti hear them arguing. Kriti says they are talking boring things. Varun says I can’t wait, I will make everyone hear it. He connects it to the speaker. Everyone hears Reyansh and Aradhna talking. Aradhna scolds Reyansh. Their argument continues. Jai goes to them and asks them to stop it. He says come out, everyone is waiting. Reyansh and Aradhna come out. Varun says mic was on in that room and everyone heard your talks. Aradhna worries. The guests talk about Kadambari’s affair. Jai says whatever happened… Reyansh says you wanted this, enjoy the sangeet, congrats Aradhna, you have become toxic like me. O saajna….plays…

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Reyansh leaves. Jai says you didn’t need to fall to his level, he is more than my brother, his mum’s past is a trauma for him, you should have not told about it. Aradhna cries and says yes, I have told a lot and hurt him a lot. He says its okay, he is still my brother, I care for him, he is much hurt today. Malini asks them not to take tension, Aradhna has told the truth.

Malini says Aradhna, I m very happy, Jai will keep you very happy. She cries and says I miss Kimaya. They hug. Everyone dances in the Sangeet. Jai asks for Aradhna’s hand. Reyansh comes in between and dances with Aradhna. Kriti smiles. Everyone looks on.

Kriti says its fun to bring the truth out at the right time. Aradhna’s mehendi ceremony is done. She gets shocked seeing Reyansh’s name in her mehendi.