Barsatein 2nd August 2023 Written Episode Update: Harsh ousts Aradhna


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The Episode starts with Bhakti saying you got a big promotion and your relation got fixed, show them the ring. They all ask Aradhna where is Reyansh. Aradhna sys I will freshen up and come. She goes crying. Sunaina hears the staff gossiping about Aradhna. She asks everyone to listen. She says this news won’t go out, it’s the company’s internal matter, no leaks, if the news goes out, I will not leave that person, get back to work. She sees a man outside and asks why did you come here. He says I lost my job, I came to take my last cheque. She says please college it and leave. He smiles.

Aradhna cries. Judaai…plays… Reyansh drinks. He sees Aradhna in the bartender. He says you fooled me, I hate you, you are my first and last love, I was right, its suicide to believe women. He breaks the things. The manager asks do you know him. The girl says no, many such lovers come here. The manager says he is mad. The girl says no, he is heartbroken. Guards take Reyansh out. Reyansh leaves his phone and wallet there. Sunaina says Reyansh crossed the limits this time. The lady says Aradhna can’t force Reyansh. Sunaina says I can’t believe this, Reyansh is my friend and boss, he is wrong, he is doing this in anger.

The girl says he is hurting Aradhna, no one will believe Aradhna is wrong, he loves her, he is doing this to get back at her, I like him, but I m not jealous of their love, I m a woman first, I won’t tolerate this, Reyansh filed this case for a personal reason. Sunaina says he is revengeful, I didn’t imagine this. The girl says he is ready to burn the world. Sunaina says I feel bad for her, poor Aradhna. Everyone sees the news and gets shocked. Aradhna gets defamed for harassing Reyansh. Harsh asks Aradhna to come out. Aradhna comes. She gets shocked seeing the news.

Harsh says we will file the police complaint, they have morphed the pics. Sharma says they make any such wrong news. Pooja says yes, switch it off. She asks the guests to go home. She says Aradhna will handle this in office. Aradhna cries and says Reyansh made this video public, what revenge is he taking on me. Harsh says wait, you are saying this video is yours. Aradhna says Reyansh and I are not together now, he has humiliated me, I couldn’t imagine he will leak this video. Harsh says you mean its your video, it doesn’t matter who leaked it, you accept this video. She nods. She says I loved Reyansh and felt he also loves me, we were going to marry, I never thought he will cheat me. Harsh slaps her.

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Vikram asks what is going on, who leaked the news. Sunaina says how did this go on other news channel, I told them no leak, call Reyansh. Vikram says I want to find out who did this. He calls Shambu and asks about Reyansh. Shambu says he didn’t come home. Vikram asks where did he go. Vivek and Kadambari see the news. Shambu says Vikram called and he is asking for Reyansh. She says Reyansh is lost. She gets angry. She says I thought darkness of love has just surrounded me, and my son will get the light of love. Vivek says Reyansh always hurts others. Harsh gets angry on Aradhna. Sharma asks him to talk to Aradhna, they will go. Harsh says no need to go. Bhakti asks him to stop the drama. He says we can’t show our face to anyone now. Aradhna says listen to me once. He asks her to get out.

Bhakti stops him. He says this happened because of you, you won’t say anything. Harsh goes. Reyansh walks on the road and drinks. Shambu comes and takes Reyansh home. Harsh asks Aradhna to leave. He gets her bag. Aradhna says I m sorry, don’t punish me, daddy. He scolds her and says you have shown that blood is mighty over upbringing, we tried our best to not make you like that woman. Bhakti asks him to shut up. Aradhna asks what. Harsh says you aren’t our daughter, our blood. Everyone looks on. Aradhna is shocked. Harsh says your mom got defamed like you, we adopted you and raised you, you are also like your mom. She says no, it’s a lie, I know. Bhakti cries. Harsh says she was your mum’s friend, I told her we won’t adopt you. Aradhna says she is my mum. He says no, your mom was a characterless woman, she was an unwedded mother, she ruined her parents’ name, I don’t know if she is alive or dead. Aradhna is shocked.

Reyansh says I will not let this happen with me. Harsh asks Reyansh to leave. Aradhna cries. Vivek scolds Reyansh and shows the video.