Barsatein 28th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Aradhna meets Jai’s friend Bani


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The Episode starts with Jai questioning Aradhna. Reyansh asks him to behave himself. Jai gets the cake and says I had to cut the cake with my wife, I was just joking, I trust you Aradhna, sorry. He says Reyansh, you would be insecure, I trust Aradhna, our relation is strong. He cuts the cake. Aradhna sings for him. Reyansh goes. Nita washes her face. The water goes off. She shouts and calls Varun. Varun sees her and says Chudail. She says get water for me. He goes and gets water. She gets angry. Jai says how we miss small things, I like this silence and your company, we didn’t have time for this, just you and me, in fact I don’t have a car, but I feel good. He says I feel bad, I couldn’t take you for dinner. She says we are friends, its okay. She asks do you mean I will leave you. He says no. She says I had promised you, I won’t leave you. She gives him a gift. He likes the bracelet. She says its from my side, my first gift for you. He says I liked it a lot. She makes him wear the bracelet. Tu intehaa…plays… Reyansh looks on. Jai says I love it, I will cook the dinner tomorrow as a return gift. She says okay. They leave.

Next day, Aradhna is in the office. She chats with Jai. A man comes running and tells about a big attack. He says we have to go there to get live report. Aradhna gets to work. Reyansh looks on and thinks why is she panicking. Aradhna says you get my outfit. The lady goes. Reyansh calls and asks about the news. The man tells him about the attack. Aradhna rushes to change. Jai sets the dinner date arrangements. He says not bad. He calls Aradhna and asks are you fine. She says yes, sorry, I m going to cover that. He says okay, let me know if you need anything. The lady gives the fort attack details to Reyansh. He asks didn’t Aradhna go. She says no, she went to change. Aradhna comes on the site and covers the news. She says maybe someone is inside this car. She rushes to help. She sees some lady. She asks her to come outside. She takes the lady to the office. The lady says I landed from London and got close to death. Aradhna says I can understand. She recalls Reyansh. The lady says I have feelings for my lover. Reyansh comes and asks are you fine. Aradhna says yes, we came here. He asks who is she. He thinks I have seen this girl somewhere. Aradhna says I m going home now. She takes Bani home. She says I thought to help her and got her home. Bhakti says you did good. Jai says Bani… you here. Bani smiles and hugs him. She says you forgot me, its good Nita was in touch, where is Varun and uncle. Nita hugs Bani. She says Bani is Jai’s friend and a good lawyer, she will help us in case. Bani asks who are they all. Nita says she is Aradhna, Jai’s wife, Bhakti is Aradhna’s mom. She says Jai and Bani were so close, they used to talk all night. Aradhna thinks Bani likes Jai. Bani says I wanted to surprise you on my birthday, but I missed my flight. She hugs Jai. She asks are you hiding something. He says no. She asks sure. He says yes. Nita says she should get special treatment. Aradhna says sure, I got her near the fort area, I got her home. Bani and Jai fight. Bani asks Aradhna to explain Jai. Aradhna asks her to take rest. Bani says no, we will celebrate Jai’s birthday. Nita says Aradhna, you came late, knowing its Jai’s birthday.

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Aradhna asks do you know Bani. Reyansh says Bani is mad for Jai. Bhakti says Jai went out with Bani. Aradhna sees Jai and Bani together. Reyansh comes to Aradhna.