Barsatein 28th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Reyansh vows to protect Aradhna


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The Episode starts with Reyansh saving Aradhna. He sees the lady driving the car and thinks I feel I have seen her before. He asks are you fine, I came to save you, I got shot that day while saving you. Aradhna nods. She says sorry. He asks if anything happened to you. She asks do you worry for me. He says yes, I m selfish, I can’t tolerate anyone hurting my thing, you are mine. He imagines this. She asks him to get away. He says you see a doctor. She says I m fine. He says get back to work. She argues. Sunaina asks what. Reyansh says that woman tried to knock her down, she is getting targeted, I will protect her. He asks Sunaina and Vikram not to talk like losers, there should be madness in love. She taunts him.

Vikram gets the car details. He says that car is booked on rent by Khanna mansion for Kimaya’s marriage arrangements. Beena gets angry on college students. Aradhna comes. Beena asks her to get decked up. Aradhna says I m good. Beena says I will do the work, you go. Reyansh comes and orders the coffee. Aradhna thinks what is he doing here. Beena says such a handsome guy in my café. She talks to him and says you have swag like Rajan. Aradhna gets the coffee and fudge. She asks why did you come here. She says he is my new boss. Beena says he is so handsome, are you single. Reyansh says single is good. She turns and talks to Rajan. Reyansh sees the stool behind. He says I got shot on my shoulders. She says you look macho man. He drinks coffee and says its so bad, make another one. He asks Beena to make it for him. She says of course and goes. Aradhna and Reyansh argue. She says I will expose you. He asks what’s the proof. She says one can get everything on net. She sees his fake profile on net and asks why are you cheating everyone, why don’t you leave me alone, go to Delhi, do your work, live your life. Reyansh says I m mad. Beena gets the coffee. He says wow, this is called coffee, go, change and come, I also have some reputation. Beena says he has come to pick you, change and come. Aradhna goes. They leave. Reyansh says women have a work to steal. She scolds him. He asks about the clue. He says you aren’t telling me. She says I didn’t get anything. He says liar. Arnab watches the car and dances. The girls see him and comment on him. Reyansh and Aradhna come. Kriti sees him and smiles. Arnab says you came in his team. Aradhna says he is my boss. Reyansh goes with Kriti. Komal takes with Aradhna. Reyansh says we will shoot the interviews. Aradhna says Vikram’s name is irritating. Vikram says don’t defame the name. Sunaina says I have made the list of relatives.

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Aradhna says we will take the bride’s interview, it will look cute. She goes. Arnab sees her and says she is so lovely. Komal says so filmi, you started again. Aradhna asks for Malini’s makeup artist. Arnab flirts with Aradhna. Sunaina says start with Arnab’s interview. Arnab says I m always ready. Aradhna takes his interview. Arnab says we will marry if you say. Reyansh scolds him.

Aradhna says we want silence on the sets. She asks Arnab his view on weddings. Arnab says vibes should match between the couple, my parents are perfect, Rahul and Anjali, if I get Aradhna, I will get married. Reyansh spills some water on the mic wire to shock him. Arnab goes. Vikram says don’t spoil my name. Reyansh says he was acting like alpha male. He goes.

Malini talks to Adi’s parents. Alka asks why didn’t you keep the wedding planner, where is Viren. Viren dances with the teens. Malini asks will you do this in this age. Viren sings do you love me. They all laugh. Viren flirts with Malini. Malini gets shy. She says there is no wedding planner, I m doing all the work. Viren says meet Sunaina, our HR head, she is the new wedding planner, she has good tuning with Kimaya. Sunaina says don’t worry. Viren dances. Malini says this is on record, he is my husband. Malini goes. Aradhna follows her. Reyansh also follows them. He gets Kaka’s call. Kaka says talk to Vivek once, he isn’t well. Reyansh calls Vivek. Waiter asks Aradhna what do you want. She says washroom. He says that way. She thinks to find out about the idol.
Aradhna scolds Reyansh. She says you have ruined me. He says ask your heart, don’t you trust me. She says no, I won’t repeat my mistake again.