Barsatein 26th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Kadambari lies to Vivek

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The Episode starts with Vivek explaining his romantic party plans. Reyansh jokes on him. Kadambari comes. Vivek says there is a big party. She says I have some work, I will be back in the evening, you make the arrangements. He says wish you all the best. She leaves. Reyansh asks shall we cancel the party. Vivek says no, she said she will come by evening. Reyansh says tis never happened. Vivek says she will come, she knows this day is imp for me, did you talk to her, who you love, accept it. Reyansh says no, I don’t want you to sink in love. Aradhna asks Revati to fix the time and remember the plan. Aradhna and Pooja meet at Reyansh’s house. She says I didn’t think much. Pooja says he is an extremist. Reyansh comes and asks Aradhna to help. He says I didn’t find the ring. She says its okay, you can tell it without the ring. He shows the ring and says dad gave me this work to get rings for the ceremony, I lost it. Aradhna says oh, so its your mom and dad’s rings. She gives him the box. He says how sweet, you found it. She says your mom gave it to me, she thought you got it for me. He says you took it. She says she gave it to me. He says she made a mistake. She goes. Vikram asks Reyansh to confess love to Aradhna. Reyansh says she told me about her BF, she has a past. Reyansh and Aradhna leave in the car. He jokes and teases her about the ring. She plays music and doesn’t answer. He asks what would be your answer if the ring was for you, we will buy a new ring from the jewellery shop. She increases the volume. He smiles. They reach the store.

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He gets Vivek’s call. Vivek says its okay, party is cancelled. Reyansh asks why. Vivek says your mom got hurt, its okay, don’t think much, come soon. Reyansh gets sad. Aradhna asks what happened. Reyansh says party cancel, ring cancel, madam went to Indore and she isn’t coming, she hates me and dad. Aradhna says I won’t leave you and go. He says don’t try to change me. He goes to a bar and drinks. He recalls Vivek. He sees Kadambari there. She drinks. He goes and taunts her. He argues with her and says you are dead inside. She says I died on the day when my parents forced me to marry your dad, but I never cheated your dad. Reyansh says you have done emotional cheating. She says I never wanted to hurt him, I wished his happiness, but I can’t, I thought to stand by him, but memories too have its own wish, it drags you back. He says you just do a drama. She slaps him and says you have bitterness in him. He says I don’t want to become like dad, I won’t love any girl that she manipulates me. He goes drinking. He walks in the rain. Aradhna sees him and goes to him. He asks what happened. He says mom is here, she is drinking, she lied to dad, she doesn’t care for him. He cries. She hugs him. He complains of Kadambari. She says its not your mistake. He asks her to just go. He says take me along, I have nothing left at my home, I m in pain, please save me. Mai teri hogai…plays… She takes him.

Reyansh confesses love to Aradhna and says I love you. They hug. He gets shocked and says camera was on. She is shocked.