Barsatein 22nd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Aradhna meets Jai


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The Episode starts with Aradhna crying and says if anyone gets the letter then I will never forgive you. Reyansh asks her to call Beena and ask her. She says stop the car, I have to go. He stops the car. Viren also stops the car. He asks what happened. Reyansh says all good, checking out something. Viren drives ahead. Aradhna and Reyansh argue. He says you go to your real mom and tell her if you have courage. She says you won’t understand, you never behaved normal with your mom, everything finished between us, I lost my family and parents because of you, I lost my love and trust, I will never trust you again, I will never love again. He says fine, you have no courage to listen to yourself. She says stop the car else I will jump down. He stops the car and says go, come by walk. She goes. He thinks what’s my mistake, I saw the letter, I didn’t read it, nonsense, she is too much, I can’t leave her alone. She stands on the road and cries. She says he is so arrogant, he left me like I m depended on him, I have to do something. Some goons see her and teases her. She worries. Reyansh comes back and looks for her. She says don’t come ahead, I will call the police, just get away. She runs. The goons run after her. A man comes there and asks is there a problem. She says no, I m just going. Goon holds her hand. She slaps the goon. The man asks are you sure you don’t want any help. She says no.

She ties a stone in her dupatta and scares them. Aisi dhakkad hai….plays… The goons catch her. The man says 6 men and 1 girl, you all are shameless. The goon says she is ours, you go. The man says you can tell me if you want help. She says all of you are same, leave me I will call the police. She asks the man to help her. She kicks the goon. He picks a chain. The man stops the goon and fights him. He beats all of them. He says real fighter is one who knows he is going to win, look behind. The police comes. The goons run. The man stops them and gets them arrested. Aradhna thanks the man. He says you made my evening entertaining, thanks, you have used this well. She says I m Aradhna. He says I m Jai. They shake hands. He asks can I drop you somewhere, don’t worry, I m decent, come. Reyansh calls her and thinks why isn’t her number reachable. Aradhna goes with Jai. Reyansh sees her in Jai’s car. She rejects his call. He keeps calling her. Jai asks BF? She says boss, he thinks his staff is his property. He says complain to PR. She says I did, but nothing happened. He says take his call. She says he left me midway after an argument. He says he seems a psycho, answer the call, trust me, it will be fun. She answers. Reyansh asks where are you. Jai acts and says don’t call again. Aradhna laughs. Jai says I stay abroad, but my heart stays here. She says thanks, I don’t know when I laughed last time. Jai says I won’t ask, I don’t want to remind old pain and make you cry. She thinks he cares for girls, Reyansh and he are so different. Reyansh thinks I can’t believe it, she was laughing when that man was saying nonsense, I m not scared of anyone.

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Jai says you look like your mom, beautiful. Reyansh and Aradhna argue. Jai taunts him.