Barsatein 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Reyansh and Aradhna’s expo trip


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The Episode starts with Malini thinking of Kimaya. Viren asks her what is she thinking. She says we were talking that day about the heart healing, one makes new memories, when rains come, it takes away the old sorrow and makes everything green, I hope these rains bring greenery in my daughter’s life. He says good thought and good night. Reyansh comes to meet Aradhna. The envelope falls over him. He reads Mom on it. He thinks its her personal matter, she will tell me when she wants, can she tell me how to help, I want to help her, I can just wait until she trusts me. He leaves. Its morning, Viren wakes up and says I got sick because of cold. Malini gives him pills. She jokes. She asks did you think who will handle this business and empire after us. He says we have three daughters, our sons in law will be deserving. She says we want someone capable, how about Vikram, you know where he can take the company. Viren says I have to go office. She says don’t go, Aradhna and Vikram will come home, Kimaya gets happy seeing Vikram. Viren talks to Reyansh and Aradhna. Reyansh argues with Viren. Viren says Aradhna is right. Kimaya sees Reyansh and smiles. Viren says there is a media expo, Aradhna and I are going there, I can’t afford to take you. Reyansh says okay, someone has to handle the news. Malini says girls and I will also come there, we will have picnic there. Kriti says yes. Komal says don’t refuse. Viren says I never refused. Malini and everyone pack their bags. Komal jokes on Kriti. Sunaina says I hope we get investors. Vikram says he knows Reyansh is a big asset to his company. Viren gets Khurana’s call. He says what, you are coming to India, see you at the expo. Aradhna asks all okay? He says its tension, we have competition now, my childhood friend Akash Khurana is coming to bid in the expo, his son is a media baron in London. Aradhna says you think our chances will get less. He says yes. She says I think we need Vikram in this expo.

Reyansh says come, we have to save the company and go to expo. Malini says Vikram reminds me of you, Viren, his arrogance is a tool of a successful businessman. Viren says you see Vikram and Kimaya these days. Kriti says we will go in Vikram’s car. Reyansh says Aradhna and I have some work. Aradhna says I will go with Viren, you read the files. He says sure. Malini says Akash’s son is coming, Kriti had a crush on him. Kriti says I was just 14.

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Aradhna leaves. The letter falls there. Reyansh says Viren needs me. Vikram asks did you talk to Aradhna. Reyansh says no, she was sleeping. They have a talk. Viren gets the letter. Vikram says no one can tolerate you, its good for Jai to come and go back soon. Reyansh asks Aradhna to sit. Kriti asks where will we sit, we will go together. Aradhna says nice idea, I will go with Viren and discuss work. Malin says sit in the front seat. Vikram says come, I will help you. Reyansh sees Aradhna and smiles. Viren comes. Kimaya, Kriti and Komal talk to Reyansh. Komal says our dad’s friend’s son is coming, Kriti had a crush on him. Kriti says no use. Kimaya says we will drop them on the way. Reyansh says no, its about my job. Kimaya asks are you talking to me because I m boss’ daughter. He says of course. Kriti says stop the car, look at the view, I have to make a reel. Reyansh captures the reel.

Kimaya says sorry for my sisters. He says its okay, boss’ daughters. Viren, Malini and Aradhna come. Viren says see your daughters are dancing on the road. Malini says they are your daughters. Aradhna thinks Reyansh got stuck. Viren asks what is happening. Reyansh says its okay, one has to serve boss. Malini also gets pics clicked. She asks Aradhna to come and take a selfie. Aradhna joins them. Malini also dances and makes a reel. Reyansh asks Aradhna to come with him and discuss work. Viren asks her to explain the expo points to Vikram. Reyansh and Aradhna leave. He complains about the girls. She scolds him. She tells the media expo points. He says I know it, I came to meet you, that letter flew to me, I didn’t read it and kept it back in the file. She checks the file and cries. She says its not there, Viren Sir…

Aradhna blames Reyansh. She asks him to stop the car. She gets surrounded by the goons. A guy comes to save her.