Barsatein 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Reyansh leaves the city

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The Episode starts with Beena seeing Reyansh drinking. She talks to him. She says you got fired, you should go, what will you do here. Reyansh says you are right, I should leave. Beena says we will miss you a lot. Reyansh says you are amazing. She says you need a rum cake, wait, I will get it. He gets a call. He says I will come. He thinks Aradhna wants to get rid of me. Sunaina comes to Aradhna. She says you hate Reyansh, you want to move on in life, you should be happy, you can start afresh, all the best. She goes. Aradhna thinks. Beena gets the cake. Reyansh kisses her hand and says I didn’t meet anyone like you. She gives him ghee biscuits. She says I can see your pain, you love her a lot. He says she hates my name too. She says then change your name, you already did it, you changed your name and city, you changed yourself also, stay back if you care else go.

Aradhna recalls Reyansh. She says you mean our story is right, are you ready to testify, thanks. She thinks I don’t want to stop Reyansh, but truth has to come out, its not fair what happened with her. She asks about Viren. She goes to Viren’s house and argues with him. She defends Reyansh. Viren says you both are good journalists, but don’t understand the truth. She praises Reyansh. He says you should be glad that you got his position and he left. She says he is a good journalist, you won’t get a editor like him. Kimaya says no, how can you fire him, he did a lot for us, not fair. Malini and everyone oppose Viren. They ask him to call Vikram back. Viren calls Reyansh. Reyansh doesn’t answer. Aradhna calls him. Reyansh disconnects. Kimaya calls him and asks where are you. Reyansh says I m going. She says please don’t go. Aradhna keeps her phone there. She says he is going to Delhi. Viren says I tried, he is too big for our small city. Aradhna thinks I hate him, shall I let him go. Kimaya asks Viren and Aradhna to stop Reyansh. Aradhna nods. Reyansh thinks of Aradhna. Aradhna checks Kimaya’s phone and says its good, he will take her call. She calls Reyansh and says you are not fired. He says I left on my own. She says its not your mistake, stay back for my sake. She looks for him. He leaves in a cab. Main teri hogai…plays…

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Malini answers Aradhna’s call. Bhakti asks how are you, I m missing you a lot. Malini asks who are you. Bhakti hears her voice. Malini and Bhakti recall their old times. Bhakti thinks did Aradhna reach Mimmi. She lies and says I m Neeta, tell her happy birthday. She disconnects. Malini says its Aradhna’s birthday, she didn’t tell me once, Aradhna isn’t a stranger, happy birthday dear. Aradhna reaches the bus stand and looks for Reyansh. She sees Reyansh boarding a bus and runs. She shouts Reyansh. The bus leaves.

Reyansh comes to Aradhna. Bhakti wishes Aradhna. Aradhna thanks her and cries.