Barsatein 18th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Malini scolds Aradhna


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The Episode starts with Malini saying you here, I met you at the temple today. Aradhna says I came from the bakery. Malini says I like the chocolate fudge. Aradhna says I think you have many memories with that bakery. Malini says yes, memories of young years. Komal says she is finding someone. Malini says I can help you. Aradhna cries and thinks you are in front of me, but I can’t tell you the truth that I m your daughter. Maai re…plays… Aradhna cries and sees Malini.

Reyansh comes to Mayank’s house. Mayank says I m having dinner with my wife, we will meet later. Reyansh enters the house. He says I told you everything, what else do you want. Reyansh scolds Mayank and his wife. Reyansh dips Mayank’s head in the sauce bowl. Mayank screams and asks are you mad. Reyansh says you didn’t see my madness yet. Mayank scolds him. He says you don’t know trusting, so Aradhna left you. Reyansh beats him.

Inspector comes to meet Malini. She says actually, I have got a complaint against your daughter, so I have come here. Viren asks what complaint. Inspector says the car is on Kimaya’s name, she did an accident and fled. Malini says no, she can’t do this. She asks Kimaya to say. Angad lies to the inspector. Inspector says Aradhna has filed the complaint, she is from Ossian bakery. Pooja scolds Reyansh and calls him a curse. He says Revati lied to me, now I know the truth. She says finally, you don’t know what is love, you stay in your hatred.

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He asks her to tell about Aradhna. She says I won’t tell you, get lost. Vikrant says Pooja is my wife, don’t raise your voice, get lost. Reyansh says sorry and leaves. Malini sees Aradhna and stops her. She scolds her. She says you have lodged the complaint against my daughter, I will believe my daughter, she said she didn’t do the accident, what did you see, did you see her, tell me. Aradhna cries. Reyansh sees Aradhna’s pic. Vivek comes. Reyansh says I have lost. Vivek says you are such an idiot, you got a girl’s love and you lost it, go and get her. Reyansh says I don’t know where she went. Vivek says don’t give up, find her, get that girl.

Malini asks inspector to see how Aradhna is staying silent. She asks Aradhna to stay away from her and her daughters. She asks her to get out. Aradhna cries and leaves. Kimaya feels guilty. Aradhna recalls Malini’s words. She sits crying. Everyone dances. Kimaya takes Malini aside. Angad worries.

Kimaya says a lady came in front and the accident happened. Malini gets shocked. Kimaya says that girl wasn’t at fault, I was scared, I m so sorry. Aradhna falls. Reyansh holds her. He asks are you missing me, you can never forget her.

Malini says you are Aradhna right. Aradhna says Aradhna Sehgal. Viren says it was Malini’s surname before marriage. Vivek asks Reyansh to find Aradhna. Reyansh comes to Aradhna.