Barsatein 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Aradhna and Reyansh’s birthday moment


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The Episode starts with Kimaya coming. Reyansh says you look beautiful now, one thing is missing. He makes her wear Aradhna’s earring. Aradhna gives the other earring and says it looks like its made for you. Reyansh says we will take a selfie now. He takes a selfie. He says I m taking a selfie with the world’s most beautiful girl, just one smile. He asks Aradhna to teach her to smile. Aradhna signs Kimaya to smile. They all take a selfie.

Reyansh says I will go now, I will come tomorrow, if you like the earring, tell me, I will get more. He asks Aradhna shall I drop you home. Aradhna and Reyansh leave. Kriti and Komal hug Kimaya. They smile. Aradhna argues with Reyansh.

He asks what happened, you are Kimaya’s sister, you are also sitting upset like her. She says someone gives sorrow and someone has to bear it. Kimaya thinks of Angad and gets sad. She gets Reyansh’s message and smiles. Aradhna says delete the message. He says I have no time, you get down now, I have to go now, I have a life. She says glad to know, you don’t need to become my bodyguard now. She thinks he is behaving like he doesn’t know, why isn’t he stopping me, he doesn’t remember it, won’t he wish me. He jokes and leaves. She goes to the bakery. She sees Beena decorating a cake. Beena says I have to make this cake ready before 12, go and freshen up, customer will come anytime. Aradhna thinks who told her…. She gets sad and sits outside. Reyansh arranges the surprise. Aradhna sees the lightshow in the sky. He wishes her happy birthday. She is stunned seeing her name. She cries happily.

Mere aasmaan…plays… He says happy birthday Aradhna. She says thanks and smiles. Malini comes to the bakery. She thanks Beena. She says this cake isn’t for my family, but for me, it’s a ritual, if its ready, shall I take it. She puts the candle and lights it. She recalls giving her daughter to Bhakti. Aradhna comes there and sees Malini. Malini cuts the cake and cries. Aradhna says you here. Malini asks didn’t you go to sleep, why didn’t you take rest. Aradhna asks whose birthday are you celebrating. Malini says my happiness, I got something special on this day and then I lost it, I m missing it. Aradhna thinks I know you have cut the cake for your daughter, for me, I wish I could have told you the truth, I want to tell you that I m your daughter. Malini thinks today you returned my daughter to me and did a big favor on me, thanks, I can’t share this cake with my family, I want to share it with you. She feeds the cake to Aradhna.

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Beena asks shall I shut the café, the college students will come here in the morning. Malini asks Aradhna to sleep. She goes. Beena says I think you both have an old connection, Mimmi and yours. Aradhna cries. Beena asks won’t you tell her. Aradhna says I have no courage. Beena says its okay, everything has a right time, the key is patience. Reyansh thinks of Aradhna.

Aradhna thinks to call Reyansh and say thanks. She calls him. He thinks she has seen my gesture. He answers. She asks did you do something. He says a lot of things, can’t you stay without hearing my voice. She scolds him. She asks did you put the lightshow in the sky for me. He laughs and jokes.

He says you always dream of me. She says sorry, I was mistaken. She ends call. He says happy birthday Aradhna, I will write your name on the moon also. She thinks he is coming in my every dream, no one needs to remember my birthday.

She comes to the café. She sees Reyansh making a cake. She thinks he remembered it. She smiles seeing the cake. He says Beena baked it. She asks did you remember. He says yes, this cake is for Kimaya, not you. She says oh. He says I m her happy therapist. She asks what, lol, you can’t become anyone’s therapist, you are a mental pain. Beena scolds her. She says Vikram is handsome and sensitive. Reyansh smiles. Beena says the girl you marry will be lucky. He says it’s a fact. Aradhna says I don’t think so. Beena says I have made chicken sandwich for you.

Aradhna says you stay away from Kimaya. They argue. She says I will take this cake. He says I will take it. She falls on the cake.

Viren and Reyansh argue in the office. Malini tells Aradhna about her first baby.