Barsatein 12th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Angad cheats Kimaya


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The Episode starts with Aradhna asking Kimaya to talk to Angad. Angad calls Kimaya and says I can’t live without you, I left my house, I love you, I hate my parents. She says I love you too. He asks Aradhna to help them. Aradhna asks did you leave your parents for Kimaya’s sake. He says yes, I will earn for myself, I want to be with Kimaya, do something. Kimaya says I will talk to you later. She asks Aradhna to help her. She says I can’t live without Angad. She hugs Aradhna. Aradhna thinks I will unite you with Kimaya. She asks are you sure. Kimaya says yes, I love Angad, handle things here, we will get married and come back, he is a good guy, he respects me. Kriti thinks to talk to Kimaya. She knocks the door. She enters. Aradhna sends Kimaya out. Kriti asks where is Kimaya. Aradhna says she wants to stay alone, let it be. Kriti says I want to talk to my sister. Aradhna says sometimes its easy to talk to strangers. Kriti says fine. She thanks her. She says Vikram and you make a great team. She goes. Aradhna goes to Kimaya and Angad. She hugs Kimaya. Kimaya says you did an elder sister’s duty today. Aradhna sends them. She hopes Kimaya stays happy. Angad recalls his plan B to take revenge. Its morning, Viren asks is Narender Alka’s brother. Reyansh says yes. Malini says Viren has sent Narender to jail. Viren says he was a criminal and went to jail because of his deeds. Malini says its our mistake, we just saw their name in society, its good, Aradhna found this out in time and saved Kimaya. Aradhna comes. Malini thanks Reyansh and Aradhna.

Reyansh thinks Aradhna did something again. Aradhna thinks Angad loves Kimaya a lot. He goes She goes to talk to him. Arnab and Komal come to Kriti. Kriti says chocolate is good for depression. Arnab says make it for me, I also had a heartbreak, Aradhna left me. Komal says you are in queue, loser. He jokes. Aradhna calls Kimaya. Reyansh asks what happened, tell me. Aradhna tells everything. He asks what, are you crazy. She says I made a mistake. He says I told you, Jindals are dangerous. She says Kimaya is in danger because of me, Angad said he left his parents, I thought someone has true love in fate, I was wrong. Komal and Kriti look for Kimaya. Alka and Naresh come home and anger Viren. Viren says I will call the police. Naresh says fine, call the police, what will you tell about us, your daughter has run away at night and you are showing us attitude. Reyansh and Aradhna come. Arnab says window is open, did she jump out of here. Naresh asks Malini to think of her respect.

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Viren says I won’t believe you. Komal says Kimaya isn’t in her room. Reyansh warns Naresh. Naresh threatens them about Kimaya. Angad asks Kimaya to buy anything she wants. He says once we get married, then they will know I love you a lot. She smiles. He recalls Alka’s words. He recalls how he proposed Kimaya. He thinks I will defame you and Khanna family. Aradhna calls Angad and asks is Kimaya with you, your parents came here and they are threatening about Kimaya, say it once, she is safe with you, you love her. Angad asks why did you trust me, poor Aradhna. She says don’t ruin your life in revenge. He says get away from Khanna family matter, let them die, go and live your life. She says Kimaya loves you, she trusts you, don’t do this. Angad says no, you did this. He laughs and ends the call. Aradhna worries.

Reyansh calls Vikram and asks him to trace Angad’s number. Aradhna says we have to save Kimaya. Malini asks what, where is Kimaya, do you know. Aradhna says Angad is also with his parents. Malini asks did you know this. Kimaya says sorry, I m stressed, I took many chocolates. Angad says give me some chocolates, we will talk to Aradhna later, I thought you love me. She says yes, I love you. He says everyone will accept us when we get married. He trashes the cell phones. Malini scolds Aradhna. Aradhna says you didn’t see Kimaya’s situation, I thought Angad’s love is true, he said he left his parents. Naresh says he is my son. Alka says she made our work easy. Naresh says Aradhna made Kimaya elope. Viren asks where is my daughter. Naresh says we just want your destruction. Aradhna says I promise, I will get Kimaya back. She leaves.

Naresh says Angad will take revenge. Komal beats him. Reyansh and Aradhna come to save Kimaya. Angad holds Aradhna at gun point.