Barsatein 10th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Aradhna leaves the city


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The Episode starts with Vikram asking Reyansh not to trust Mayank. Reyansh says I don’t know Aradhna. Vikram says you don’t know, her life is ruined, her parents ousted her. Reyansh says I don’t care. Vikram says fine, I will not step back, I will get justice for her, she did many favors on me. He goes. Pooja reads Malini’s letters to Aradhna. Aradhna says she isn’t my mum, my parents gave me much love. She trashes the letters. Vivek says Dubey has given the statement to the board, you can come back on your post but… Reyansh says but you don’t want me to come back. Vivek says I want you to stop burning yourself, you have to learn a lot about life, you are lost. Reyansh asks are you ousting me from house. Vivek says you live in my heart, take care. Pooja says Revati disappeared. Aradhna says I can’t tell her secret without speaking to her. Pooja says just think of yourself and come with me to the police station to give statement. Vikram calls Pooja and asks her to tell Aradhna to give statement. Aradhna and Pooja come to the police station. Aradhna gives the statement. Inspector asks the proof or Revati’s statement, Mayank has turned against his word. Vikram says let me handle this. Mayank argues with Aradhna.

She says you won’t get saved. He says you are finished, maybe this time everything gets fine, but Reyansh doesn’t trust you, he will burn your world, I regret this for you. She says I know my life can’t get normal. He smiles. Aradhna and Reyansh think of each other. They get sad. She thinks you are a poison and there is no antidote, you just know hatred, not love. He thinks I had loved you, I want to forget you. She thinks I will go far from you. She packs her bags and goes home. Harsh doesn’t open the door. Bhakti asks him to open the door. Harsh stops her. Aradhna says you had accepted me and became my parents, you will always be my parents, I m sorry, I want to save you from this embarrassment, just think you don’t have a daughter now, I promise, I will always promise me. She leaves the cards at the door and goes. Bhakti checks the cards and cries. Vikram comes to Reyansh. He says Aradhna lost her name because of you, she is homeless, she left, I don’t know what happened, trust yourself, come with me. Reyansh says I didn’t wish this to happen. Vikram says fix it, you are believing Mayank’s words. Reyansh says one suffers a heartbreak in love. Vikram says think about him. Reyansh says I want to know the truth. He leaves. Vivek says we apologize to Aradhna for the damage to her character and career. He talks to Vikram. Krishnan is at work. Reyansh comes there.

Aradhna slaps Reyansh and asks him to leave. She scolds him.

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