Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Priya promises Swati


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Swati asking Ram to save Lakhan. She says I m your mum. Ram scolds her. She says don’t get Lakhan punished, he isn’t a bad person, situation is wrong, he has suffered a lot, he has seen me dealing with difficulties. Ram says I didn’t judge him for his poverty, but he judged me for my richness, do you know how much I struggled, dad’s business was going to start and he passed away, I have made all this from ground zero, I have worked hard. She says Lakhan is also hardworking, his love came in between. He says he kidnapped Avni, now he has sent you to plead, save him. Ram says I won’t ask Yash to withdraw the case, you are responsible for this, Lakhan is in jail because of you, you said money is imp than love, you came to ask me for love, you didn’t pity me and dad, when you left us, you came here for Lakhan, you know I can change your life with my money, so you have come to me, go away, I didn’t see any greedy person like you.

Swati says I m not greedy. He asks how much will you lie. She says I m not lying, I had left you to save you. He asks really, I read the letter you left for dad. She says yes, I know, if I was greedy, wouldn’t I come back, knowing you have become a rich man, but I was working at Yash’s place, is Nandini such a mum. Ram says you are comparing yourself with Nandini, she is greedy, she didn’t do bad with her kids, she didn’t leave them. Swati says fine, am I greedy when I left you so that you don’t go to jail, recall that day, you tried to snatch the pen from Hitesh, he slipped and fell down, he died, I went away from you to save you from going to jail. He asks was Nandini there. She says yes, she used to work in your dad’s office. He asks did she threaten you. Nandini comes and asks how dare you lie, Swati. She says Ram, she is lying, I have protected you, she is just acting. Swati swears on Ram and Lakhan that she is saying the truth. She says Nandini threatened me that she will send you to jail. Nandini says she is a liar, she is greedy, she wants your money so she is playing this game. Priya comes and says you are playing a game, its enough now, I trust Swati, and you know Nandini, she did a lot to separate us, I know she can do this. Ram says you have tolerated all this because of me, I m so sorry. Swati says its okay, everything will get fine now. Nandini says you broke your promise, I will break my promise now. Ram asks how dare you threaten my mum. Inspector comes and arrests Ram for Hitesh’s murder. Priya asks for the proof. He says we have a proof, let us do our work. Swati asks Nandini to take the complaint back. She wakes up from the dream. She cries and prays for Ram. She says if we find Avni, her statement can prove Lakhan innocent. Priya makes Pihu ready for Ramleela. Pihu gets sad and says I don’t have my Dadi. Priya says Meera regards Ram as her son. Pihu says she is my Nani, sorry, I have two Dadis, they both don’t love me, Swati left Ram for money, is money much imp. Priya says no, money fulfills our needs, but relations complete us. Swati comes to the temple. Priya sees her. She says we should always choose our relations, Swati needs your help, will you help. Pihu says yes. Swati prays. Pihu runs to her as little Hanuman.

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Swati says I m in a big problem, I don’t know what to do. Pihu says you aren’t alone, angel Dadi. Swati hugs her. Pryiya comes and says we both are with you, Ram will fight for you, trust your son and family, tell me the truth once, I know there is some big reason that you left Ram, you are silent thinking our lives will spoil, just defeat the fear and tell me who has scared you, I promise, we will fight against that person, please say. Swati says I… Priya gets a call. Adi says Avni is in this hotel, but receptionist isn’t telling the room number. Priya says no, we have less time, I will come. She says I have to go for urgent work, I have defeated Nandini in this game, if she will try to hurt Ram, I will defeat her again, I m going to find Avni, Lakhan will be free. Swati blesses her. Priya says I will drop you. Pihu says please take me there. Priya and Pihu leave.

Priya acts as a reporter and asks him about Avni. He asks her to keep the camera away. She says let me meet her, prove that you didn’t do anything. Pihu says my mumma is number one. The man tells the room number. Priya goes. Swati gives the icecream to Nandini and says you will need it. Nandini says Ram is in my hands. Swati argues with her. She says you can put Lakhan in jail, I don’t care, Ram is with me, Priya promised me that she will unite me with Ram. Nandini is shocked. Swati says have the icecream and calm the mind. She goes. Nandini says I never lose.

Lakhan says I love Avni but Yash fixed her alliance, so I took revenge and kidnapped Avni. Priya is shocked. Shubham asks Nandini what did she do that Lakhan took the blame.