Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Priya assists Shalini

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ram asking Priya to give the hair spray, its left in the bathroom. She says you always mess up things. He says you are giving me a lecture, you are playing blame game. She says very bad joke once again. They argue. Priya comes out of the bathroom and gives the hair spray. She says you do a lot of drama. He looks at her and says I m scared that I may slip. She says you will go to bath one hour before, I got late because of you, I have no time to argue, I m going. He stops her and says you are forgetting something. She asks what. He removes the hair towel wrap. Apna bana le…plays… He holds her face. Shalini calls her out. Priya goes. Ram smiles. Ram speaks to his dad’s pic.

Kriti comes and says I had made many plans but your mom spoiled it. Ram says manners, Kriti, you are talking about my mum. She says she thinks Shardul and I are together. Shardul comes and asks Ram about the campaign for their company. Kriti says I will become the face for your app. Ram says Shardul handles it. Shardul says you give the audition and we will select the best. Kriti says you can’t get any better model than me. He says overconfidence isn’t good. Ram says stop pulling her leg. Kriti says I m the best, I m going to your home. Ram asks why. Kriti says I thought to help your mom in your dad’s death anniversary. He says no, she is emotional about the anniversary, don’t go. She says she will like me. She goes. Shardul says I don’t get a right feeling, Kriti shouldn’t cross this line, respect Shalini’s emotions, this marriage is real for her.

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Ram says I don’t know what is our relation becoming. Shardul asks are you fine. Ram says yes. Kriti calls Shreya and says I know what to do, I will show Shalini that I m perfect match for Ram. Shreya asks her not to worry. Priya asks is there anything else. Shalini tells about her husband and smiles. She says Ram went on him, he is hardworking like him, he has different food habits. She praises Ram for making an empire by his hardwork. She says we will call only those who matter to us. Priya says yes, right. Kriti comes and hugs Shalini. She says we will plan a grand event, the pics will come in all the newspaper, I spoke to an event planner. Shalini says no, we don’t need any event planner. Priya says she wants to just invite near and dear ones. Shalin says Priya and I will handle it. Kriti sees Shreya. Shreya calls the clinic and says I have toothache and bleeding, please ask Dr. Priya to treat me, thanks, I will come. Priya says we will go and get the items from market. Kriti says I m wearing heels, how will I manage, the event manager will get all the items, we will chill and enjoy the function. Shalini says you think it’s a headache, its not.

Kriti says we shouldn’t delay more and start the puja. Ram agrees. Shalini says we will wait for Priya for more 5 mins.