Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Vandana faces troubles

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Vandana asking anything else. Kunal says go. She goes. He says she blindly trusts Vaibhav and he is cheating her. Bobby asks why do you care. Kunal says yes, exactly. Vedika and Parisa come home. Vedika invites Vandu and family for Janmashtami function. She says sorry from Kunal and Pammi’s side. Vandu says its okay, your brother loves you a lot, we are sorry. Vijay says you are lucky, your brother loves you a lot, Hemant has run away. Parisa says we want Tulsi for puja. Vedika asks can we take Tulsi for puja. Vandu says yes.

Pammi prays. She says Kuku, I will make all the arrangements of Janmashtami, help me in decorating Jhanki. Kunal says I always help Vedika in the arrangements. Vedika says just come. Mrunal says Pari, your bracelet fell down, wow, its so pretty, its very costly. Anagha looks on. Parisa thanks her. She says Kunal buys anything I like. Mrunal asks can I come and see your collection. Parisa says yes. Vandu says they would have much work. Parisa and Vedika ask Mrunal to come. Mrunal thinks to make a relation with Kunal’s family. Vedika asks them to come. Vandu says Vedika and Parisa are lovely. Aaji says Kunal and Tommy are bad. Vandu says Pammi. She asks Anagha will you make Shivam Krishna. Anagha says yes, like always, Hemant has run away, I feel angered, I m here only for the festival. Aaji asks Vandu to go in the puja. Vijay says I feel I have seen Vedika somewhere. Mrunal comes to Kunal’s house. Bobby says you didn’t see this house from inside. Mrunal says no one made a video and posted, I m so excited to see Parisa’s jewellery collection. Pammi says stay away from her. Vedika says I went to Vandu’s house. Pammi says you both are bonding soon. Vedika says they are good people, I feel I know Vijay. Kunal says no, we will never have any relations with them. Pammi says they have become a big problem for us. Guneet says let it be. She says its about the family. Aaji asks will Bhavesh agree. Vandu says I will try. Aaji asks did Vaibhav agree, he is a good guy, he will always support you. Vandu smiles and says I got a message, I have to go for a job interview. Kunal says mind own work. Pammi says poor people plan such things to bond with rich people. Kunal says we shouldn’t care. Pammi says I will go and see, if Mrunal is stealing anything. Vedika says they are good people, they are in problem, Hemant has run away, think what they are going through. Vandu gets ready for the interview. She prays to Kanha ji. Kunal washes his car. Watchman says I will wash it. Kunal says do your work first. Bobby says no one saw the car owner washing the car. He asks Pammi to see what is Kunal doing. Pammi shouts to Kunal. She asks why are you washing the car. Kunal says its my me time. She says go to gym. He says I have to do something to send her away. She says I have to enjoy here. Vandu comes out.

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The soap water splashes on her. She argues with Kunal. She says if I get rejected, how will I pay the money. Kunal says I m sorry, I didn’t see. Vandu says focus on yourself. She goes. Bobby says investors want to meet us today. Pammi says there is puja at home. He says we will come back soon. Bobby says Hemant has run away, Mrunal told me, Hemant took 25 lakhs loan and mortgaged the house, poor Vandana, her fiancé is cheating her, she has a big tension on her head, sad. Vandana doesn’t get the bus or auto. She goes by walk. She reaches the office. She greets the man. She asks is this your family. He says yes. She says its lovely. She gives her documents. She asks him to ask anything he wants. He says I want to hear your voice sample. She plays the song.

He says your voice is unique, you are over qualified for this job. She says I need this job, I promise, I will do my best. He says good. She says my dad is my Guru, he taught me singing. He says you would have husband and Sasural support also. She says no, I m single. He stares at her. He asks why do you need this job. She says I m ready to do anything, whatever you say. He asks will you do everything I say, I like your attitude, you can go ahead very soon, you have maintained yourself at the age of 35 years, I know every man has own needs, do you have a boyfriend for other needs. Vandana says I said about my family needs. He says all your needs will be fulfilled. She gets back and says we should talk about work. He says your voice is different, I m ready to take the risk, I m a businessman, I want security. He goes towards her. She sees Kanha’s pic on the calendar and cries.

Vandana leaves crying. Kunal beats up the man. He says I won’t deal with you. He runs to help Vandu. Vandu faints in his arms.